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Charlotte Star in 'Aussie Lesbian Fingers Hairy Pussy'
Charlotte Star - Aussie Lesbian Fingers Hairy Pussy

They were in a room together alone, two girls, horny and ready to go wild. They passionately kissed and undressed before spreading their legs and letting their partner penetrate them to the point where they both let out huge moans and collapsed into the couch feeling very fulfilled.

Ophelia Rose in 'Orgasms With Ophelia'
Ophelia Rose - Orgasms With Ophelia

She was a petite blonde aussie girl with the perfect ass. He was a thick cocked tanned stud. When you put them together you are bound to see two people having a great time and that's exactly what happened. Watch as Ophelia rides Nic's huge cock and cums multiple times...

Ophelia Rose in 'Ophelia Goes Wild'
Ophelia Rose - Ophelia Goes Wild

We've got to admit this babe has something special. He cute girly innocence and killer but is just so striking. We could watch her rub her clit and finger her pussy all day long..

Scarlet Harlow in 'Babe With Braces Has A Mouth Load Of Cum'
Scarlet Harlow - Babe With Braces Has A Mouth Load Of Cum

They were alone at his apartment. She wore her silk floral dress low at the front showing off just how perfect her boobs really were and he wore trackies so she would see just how large and thick his cock really was.

Kate Barlow in 'Aussie Teen Gets Some Thunder Downunder'
Kate Barlow - Aussie Teen Gets Some Thunder Downunder

They were alone in the bedroom. He sweet perfume filled the air as he leant in to kiss her neck. He was already rock hard and his cock begged to be unleashed. Fortunately for him, she was wet and ready to rock. She had his cock out and into her mouth in just seconds before completely stripping down allowing him to pump deep inside her from behind..

Kate Barlow in 'Kate's Solo Casting'
Kate Barlow - Kate's Solo Casting

Seemingly not lacking confidence at all Kate was keen to get her pussy out and to dive deep inside with two thick dildos in her first solo

Kate Barlow in 'Last Minute Love Session'
Kate Barlow - Last Minute Love Session

It was the last time we would be seeing each other for a while and I knew I couldnt say good bye without tasting her lips one last time.

Latte Angel in 'Making Sweet Love On The Couch'
Latte Angel - Making Sweet Love On The Couch

Her man was resting on the couch but when a girl is horny then there is no stopping her. She walked into the room in a sexy two piece and stood right in front of him. Before long she was naked and his cock was pounding deep inside her dripping wet vagina. With real passion and intimacy this is a scene you dont want to miss..

Monte Luxe in 'Make Up Anal Sex'
Monte Luxe - Make Up Anal Sex

After a small fight they both wanted to make up with each other but who was going to be the one to make the first move It ends up being Jayce who brings home a bunch of flowers for his bae. She then walks him into the bedroom and they make out briefly before getting into some hard core anal fucking finished with a deep anal cream pie!

Monte Luxe in 'A Sauna And A Dildo'
Monte Luxe - A Sauna And A Dildo

It started off as a nice relaxing afternoon when Monte decided to spend some time in the sauna but before long she had started to feel a little bit horny. Knowing that she couldnt pleasure herself there in full view of everyone else she went back to her hotel room and grabbed out her favourite dildo.

Charlie Ten in 'Room Sharing Heaven'
Charlie Ten - Room Sharing Heaven

Charlie was mad to see that her university housing team had allocated her a room shared with a boy! She had briefly met the guy and was not too happy with the situation but after meeting him a second time she had a bit of a change of heart. It turns out that he has a massive cock and he knows how to use it..

Darth Lacey in 'Meeting The Housemate'
Darth Lacey - Meeting The Housemate

Latte and her bf Brendan were in her room making out. They had been together a while and fucked often but generally at his house because she had a house mate and their rooms were back to back. Knowing that her house mate was out for the day Latte thought this was the perfect chance to sneak in a quicky with her man but when walking out naked to get a drink she realised that her house mate was actually home and she had heard everything...

Monte Luxe in 'Eating Your Vegetables'
Monte Luxe - Eating Your Vegetables

We all know that its essential to get a good amount of fruit and veg each day so we have to say it was great to see Monte Luxe getting her fill.. She takes four massive rods of pure healthy goodness deep inside each of her holes even DP'ing two!

Latte Angel in 'Blonde Babe Dildo Solo Play'
Latte Angel - Blonde Babe Dildo Solo Play

Latte started the day with watering the garden but before long she was in the bedroom taking her clothes off and fucking her tight pink pussy with multiple thick dildos

Charlotte Star in 'A Pretty Cute Couple'
Charlotte Star - A Pretty Cute Couple

Lulu Reynolds and Charlotte Star have for a long time been two of the AussieAss fan favourites and due to overwhelming requests we have finally brought them two together for a steamy lesbian sex video!