Charlotte Star,Lulu Reynolds in 'Aussie Ass' - A Pretty Cute Couple

Released : March 7th, 2018
Tags : Charlotte Star, Closeup, Lesbian

Lulu Reynolds and Charlotte Star have for a long time been two of the AussieAss fan favourites and due to overwhelming requests we have finally brought them two together for a steamy lesbian sex video!

Pictures from Charlotte Star,Lulu Reynolds in 'Aussie Ass' A Pretty Cute Couple
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More 'Aussie Ass' scenes from Charlotte Star,Lulu Reynolds
Charlotte Star in 'Aussie Lesbian Fingers Hairy Pussy'
Charlotte Star - Aussie Lesbian Fingers Hairy Pussy

They were in a room together alone, two girls, horny and ready to go wild. They passionately kissed and undressed before spreading their legs and letting their partner penetrate them to the point where they both let out huge moans and collapsed into the couch feeling very fulfilled.

Charlotte Star in 'A Real Life Goddess'
Charlotte Star - A Real Life Goddess

She is a fan favourite. Anyone who has seen her previous videos with Ryan James have absolutely fallen in love with this real life Australian goddess so fortunately she is back in this sensual and intimate solo masturbation video. As you watch her cum you will be in awe and totally jealous that you weren't right there in the room with her!

Lulu Reynolds in 'New Guy Tryout 1'
Lulu Reynolds - New Guy Tryout 1

Its finally here, the Aussie Ass team needs new guys so we are giving lucky monthly winners the shot to have a go at being in a scene! If you do well you make the cut and you will feature in multiple scenes! To enter the competition you simply have to be a member of or and you just enter your details once per month (inside the members area) to be in the running! This months lucky guy was Ryan from Melbourne! Comment to let us know if you think he did a great job :)

Lulu Reynolds in 'Fight For Love'
Lulu Reynolds - Fight For Love

After winning a challenging fight, up and coming MMA fighter Jayce comes home to find his girl Lulu wants to give him the real prize. Her tight, young pussy puts his dick in a choke hold and won't let go. Jayce refuses to tap out and instead pounds her cunt into the floor until he delivers a creampie knockout!

Charlotte Star in 'Fulfilling Her Double Fantasy'
Charlotte Star - Fulfilling Her Double Fantasy

Charlotte was laying in bed all by herself trying to get some sleep. She was tossing and turning and just couldnt clear her mind so instead she decided to just roll with her mind and see where it lead. Next thing she knows shes dreaming of two Australian hunks walking into her bedroom and having their way with her, taking turns fucking and pounding their cocks deep inside her tight pussy...

Charlotte Star in 'Fucking The Lost Guy'
Charlotte Star - Fucking The Lost Guy

Bang Bang Bang. He knocks on the door of his friends apartment, or at least he thought he did. Charlotte Star and Kim Cums answer the door to find that this guy has knocked on the wrong door. Already feeling horny and drunk, they weren't going to let this guy go without first taking advantage of him. They walk him over to the couch where they force him to watch them make out. Next they undress him and suck his cock before letting him take it in turns choosing which pussy he wants to pentrate before blowing his warm load all over them both!

Lulu Reynolds in 'Clown Hunting With Lulu Reynolds'
Lulu Reynolds - Clown Hunting With Lulu Reynolds

It was a normal afternoon when we got to talking about clowns and the thought of going clown hunting when Lulu mentioned that if she ever saw a clown on the street she would try fuck him, so we dared her to actually do it! We searched and found that there is a clown that appears often in Melbourne and we went on the hunt! Once we found a clown Lulu went up and started talking to him, and you ahve to watch to see what happens next.

Lulu Reynolds in 'Too Cute'
Lulu Reynolds - Too Cute

Fresh faced brunette Lulu Reynolds is just learning what she likes at 20 years old. This budding sexual deviant will happily peel off her peekaboo thong so she can show off her full boobs and tight figure that will lead your eyes down to feast on the soft trimmed pussy that is wet with anticipation of a good time.

Lulu Reynolds in 'Girl Nextdoor'
Lulu Reynolds - Girl Nextdoor

Cock crazed coed Lulu Reynolds may be a newcomer, but she won't stop that from letting us see how wild she can get. After peeling off her peekaboo bra and matching sheer panties, she whips out a toy to fill up her greedy fuck hole and satisfy the needs of her nicely trimmed pussy.

Lulu Reynolds in 'Aussie Love'
Lulu Reynolds - Aussie Love

20 year old Lulu Reynolds is an Australian babe with a constant craving for sex. She's not shy about peeling off her body suit, leaving her tight tall figure bare and ready for action. After striking a few poses, she relieves the tension with the help of a vibrator pushed deep into her trimmed puss.

Lulu Reynolds in 'Amateur Fun'
Lulu Reynolds - Amateur Fun

Newcomer Lulu Reynolds is an all natural hottie that you won't want to miss! She is all about fun with toys, as she'll prove as she uses her vibrator to tease every inch of slowly exposed skin. When she's finally bare, she presses the toy to her trimmed snatch for an orgasmic good time.

Charlotte Star in 'Real Aussie Sex - 2'
Charlotte Star - Real Aussie Sex - 2

Real aussie sex 2 is here and this time we have something really special! This video features Charlotte Star, the super hot Sydney based babe. This Australian girl has real unscripted sex on camera with Ryan James! Watch and enjoy the raw chemisty as they expeience the feeling of each others skin for the second time but this time they are free to fuck however they like. The cameras have been left rolling to caputre every moment during their steamy encounter.

Charlotte Star in 'Charlotte Star's First Aussie Ass Sex Video'
Charlotte Star - Charlotte Star's First Aussie Ass Sex Video

We had just arrived in Sydney, prepared and ready to film Charlotte for the first time. We met her at the shoot location and our team was blown away straight away. This girl is super pretty and knows what she's doing. Upon meeting Ryan James they started making out almost straight away before slowly and seductively undressing each other on the bed. They then move into oral which quickly turns into some super deep penetration as Ryan slides his thick shaft in and out of her wet pussy. This is one of our favourite scenes so far! Let us know what you think in the comments below as well as any suggestions on what you would like to see Charlotte film next!

Charlotte Star in 'Dildo Masturabation'
Charlotte Star - Dildo Masturabation

She was alone and had time to pass whilst waiting for her lover to come join her for the night. To keep herself relaxed and entertained Charlotte Star decided to have a warm bath. Fortunately for us she was feeling a little bit horny and happened to a nice thick dildo nearby!