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Monte Luxe in 'Monte The Aussie Anal Queen'
Monte Luxe - Monte The Aussie Anal Queen

Having just one night left in Melbourne before returning to her home state Monte decided to make a special night of it. She invited Jayce over to her place and left the door unlocked. After hearing him come in take a seat on the sofa she made her move. She walked to the lounge with her sexy smurk on her face and nothing but some red lingerie covering her toned aussie body. She lent over and kissed him passionately on the lips before whipping out his cock and sucking it hard. Once he was hard she pleaded for him to pound her tight ass and to cum inside her!

Charlie Brookes in 'Fucking The Cute Blonde Stripper'
Charlie Brookes - Fucking The Cute Blonde Stripper

Charlie the super cute aussie stripper had been booked to give a private lap dance. She was so damn hot that the guy just couldn't deal with her dancing all over him. He wanted more! He knew he shouldn't but he kept trying to touch her, the problem was that she has a boyfriend and knew she shouldn't get too close to this horny guy but at the same time he was so hot and she was definitely tempted...

Monte Luxe in 'Pussy Fisting Tattooed Babe'
Monte Luxe - Pussy Fisting Tattooed Babe

Gorgeous QLD based tattooed babe Monte Cooper is back again! She slowly undresses showing off her toned body and amazing tattoos before rubbing the tip of her finger over her tight little pussy. She then slowly slids it in until its as deep as one finger can go, then she wets her hand a little and pushes a second finger inside and before long shes wrist deep inside her own pussy...

Contessa Doll in 'My Sleeping Beauty'
Contessa Doll - My Sleeping Beauty

She was still laying in the bed looking exhausted from the huge night they had just endured. As he walked over to her she woke up and it was on again. They started passonately kissing before stipping naked. She wanted his cock deep inside her tight pussy and demanded that he fuck her hard and fast. Once on top of him she didnt slow down, she thrust his cock as deep inside her as she could and enjoyed every second of it until he came...

Blake Wilde in 'Intimate Fucking On The Couch'
Blake Wilde - Intimate Fucking On The Couch

It was a cold Autumn morning in a home in Melbourne when Blake and Ryan were snuggling trying to keep warm. They started touching skin and running their hands all over each other trying to get warm and soon enough they locked lips and starting intimately and passionately kissing. She slid her hand up his chest and held his face tight while pushing her lips harder and harder against his. Before long he pulled his face away and laid her back down and started licking her pussy until it was dripping wet...

Dion De Rossi in 'Lesbian Strap On Sex'
Dion De Rossi - Lesbian Strap On Sex

Monte was looking to buy her first ever strap on dildo and she wanted to buy it off someone who knew what they were doing so she could get some advice on how to use it. Fortunately for us it is hard to explain exactly how to use a strapon and far easy to just put it on and start fucking the each other.

Charlotte Star in 'Fulfilling Her Double Fantasy'
Charlotte Star - Fulfilling Her Double Fantasy

Charlotte was laying in bed all by herself trying to get some sleep. She was tossing and turning and just couldnt clear her mind so instead she decided to just roll with her mind and see where it lead. Next thing she knows shes dreaming of two Australian hunks walking into her bedroom and having their way with her, taking turns fucking and pounding their cocks deep inside her tight pussy...

Sierra Knight in 'Woken Up With A Coffee And Head'
Sierra Knight - Woken Up With A Coffee And Head

My boyfriend was in bed still sleeping, we had a big night last night so I wanted to let him rest a little but I normally wake up feeling pretty horny so I was torn and couldn't decide what to do. After letting him sleep in for about an hour I really just wanted to ride his cock so I made us a coffee each and went back to bedroom. I climbed into the bed and put his dick in my mouth. I knew I could make it hard even if he was sleeping and if I could get him hard then I could get on top of him! I'm sure that would wake him up! What boyfriend would want to wake up to their girl bouncing and grinding on top of them..

Contessa Doll in 'Her Vampire Desires'
Contessa Doll - Her Vampire Desires

It was just a normal evening and Contessa Doll was all ready to go to sleep. Before she drifted off she wanted to read a few more pages of her romantic vampire love story. Something about all the intimate blood and biting love scenes really started to turn her on. As she flicked through the pages she felt her pussy becoming wetter and wetter until she just couldnt help but to rub her swollen pussy. As she rubbed her clit and started to moan she drifted into a fantasy land where a real life vampire came to suck her blood. After a few mintues of the vampure sucking on her she decided it was time to repay the favour...

Monte Luxe in 'Monte Fucks Her Ass'
Monte Luxe - Monte Fucks Her Ass

Good news everybody! Monte Cooper is back in town and this time she has stepped it up a notch with some hardcore anal play! She takes off her purple lace panties and then fingers her ass and pussy until its nice and wet. She then gets out her black blow up dildo and penetrates her ass with it before blowing it up and stretching her tight little back door to the limit!

Maddison Stewart in 'Fucking My Roomate'
Maddison Stewart - Fucking My Roomate

We were in a place where we couldn't even have rooms to ourselves and we had to sleep in bunk beds but I didnt mind too much because sleeping on the bunk below me was this hot as fuck brunette. On the second night here I was climbing into bed when I saw her ass hanging out the botton of her shirt! Her legs were sexy as fuck and her butt was great so I just had to try! I said that I was too tired to sleep to see how she responded and fortunately for me she was happy for me to jump right in!

Charlotte Star in 'Fucking The Lost Guy'
Charlotte Star - Fucking The Lost Guy

Bang Bang Bang. He knocks on the door of his friends apartment, or at least he thought he did. Charlotte Star and Kim Cums answer the door to find that this guy has knocked on the wrong door. Already feeling horny and drunk, they weren't going to let this guy go without first taking advantage of him. They walk him over to the couch where they force him to watch them make out. Next they undress him and suck his cock before letting him take it in turns choosing which pussy he wants to pentrate before blowing his warm load all over them both!

Lulu Reynolds in 'Clown Hunting With Lulu Reynolds'
Lulu Reynolds - Clown Hunting With Lulu Reynolds

It was a normal afternoon when we got to talking about clowns and the thought of going clown hunting when Lulu mentioned that if she ever saw a clown on the street she would try fuck him, so we dared her to actually do it! We searched and found that there is a clown that appears often in Melbourne and we went on the hunt! Once we found a clown Lulu went up and started talking to him, and you ahve to watch to see what happens next.

Dion De Rossi in 'Casual Sex With The Elevator Girl'
Dion De Rossi - Casual Sex With The Elevator Girl

When you live in the same building as someone your bound to see them every so often. After weeks of noticing Dion in the foyer and even at the local supermarket Jayce was excited to find himself alone in the elevator with his dream girl! He knew this was his one chance and that he isnt likely to be in the elevator with her alone again any time soon. Despite trying his best he couln't get up the courage to talk to her, so instead he waited until she left and then he followed her to her room and slipped a note under her door. To his surprise she had notcied him too and she was more than happy to come say hello!!

Monte Luxe in 'Fisting My Bestfriends Ass'
Monte Luxe - Fisting My Bestfriends Ass

What do you get when you have two super hot Australian tattooed babes, some lingerie and some pink gloves with lube Thats right, you get to see Rhianna Wylde fist Monte Coopers ass after finger banging her tight little pussy.