Monte Luxe in 'Aussie Ass' - Make Up Anal Sex

Released : May 9th, 2018
Tags : Anal Creampie

After a small fight they both wanted to make up with each other but who was going to be the one to make the first move It ends up being Jayce who brings home a bunch of flowers for his bae. She then walks him into the bedroom and they make out briefly before getting into some hard core anal fucking finished with a deep anal cream pie!

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Monte Luxe in 'A Sauna And A Dildo'
Monte Luxe - A Sauna And A Dildo

It started off as a nice relaxing afternoon when Monte decided to spend some time in the sauna but before long she had started to feel a little bit horny. Knowing that she couldnt pleasure herself there in full view of everyone else she went back to her hotel room and grabbed out her favourite dildo.

Monte Luxe in 'Eating Your Vegetables'
Monte Luxe - Eating Your Vegetables

We all know that its essential to get a good amount of fruit and veg each day so we have to say it was great to see Monte Luxe getting her fill.. She takes four massive rods of pure healthy goodness deep inside each of her holes even DP'ing two!

Monte Luxe in 'Monte The Aussie Anal Queen'
Monte Luxe - Monte The Aussie Anal Queen

Having just one night left in Melbourne before returning to her home state Monte decided to make a special night of it. She invited Jayce over to her place and left the door unlocked. After hearing him come in take a seat on the sofa she made her move. She walked to the lounge with her sexy smurk on her face and nothing but some red lingerie covering her toned aussie body. She lent over and kissed him passionately on the lips before whipping out his cock and sucking it hard. Once he was hard she pleaded for him to pound her tight ass and to cum inside her!

Monte Luxe in 'Pussy Fisting Tattooed Babe'
Monte Luxe - Pussy Fisting Tattooed Babe

Gorgeous QLD based tattooed babe Monte Cooper is back again! She slowly undresses showing off her toned body and amazing tattoos before rubbing the tip of her finger over her tight little pussy. She then slowly slids it in until its as deep as one finger can go, then she wets her hand a little and pushes a second finger inside and before long shes wrist deep inside her own pussy...

Dion De Rossi in 'Lesbian Strap On Sex'
Dion De Rossi - Lesbian Strap On Sex

Monte was looking to buy her first ever strap on dildo and she wanted to buy it off someone who knew what they were doing so she could get some advice on how to use it. Fortunately for us it is hard to explain exactly how to use a strapon and far easy to just put it on and start fucking the each other.

Monte Luxe in 'Monte Fucks Her Ass'
Monte Luxe - Monte Fucks Her Ass

Good news everybody! Monte Cooper is back in town and this time she has stepped it up a notch with some hardcore anal play! She takes off her purple lace panties and then fingers her ass and pussy until its nice and wet. She then gets out her black blow up dildo and penetrates her ass with it before blowing it up and stretching her tight little back door to the limit!

Monte Luxe in 'Fisting My Bestfriends Ass'
Monte Luxe - Fisting My Bestfriends Ass

What do you get when you have two super hot Australian tattooed babes, some lingerie and some pink gloves with lube Thats right, you get to see Rhianna Wylde fist Monte Coopers ass after finger banging her tight little pussy.

Monte Luxe in 'Monte's Deep Anal Pounding Cream Pie'
Monte Luxe - Monte's Deep Anal Pounding Cream Pie

Jayce Hardy had been chatting to Monte Cooper for a little while but they had never actually had sex. Fortunately we were there and we had our camera's set up and ready! It was a magical moment to watch them make out for the first time. They kissed and touched each other before Jayce went down and licked her out. He then whipped out his cock and started to pound deep into her pussy. Before long Monte had enough of the pussy fucking and wanted to have her ass filled! Jayce slowly pushed his shaft deep into her ass and then slowly started to grind it in and out, over and over. Within minutes of pushing his cock into her tight back door he blew his load deep inside her.

Havik in 'Monte's First Cock On Camera'
Havik - Monte's First Cock On Camera

Please welcome Monte Cooper to the Aussie Ass team. The gorgeous babe from the sunny side of Australia has just shot her first ever boy girl sex scene and the lucky guy who had the pleasure was Havik. These guys really connected, like literally connected as high thick cock ploughed deep inside her gorgeous pierced pussy. And if watching this stunning babe have sex with a guy on camera for the first time ever isnt enough, she also squirted for the first time ever!! Like literally this is the first time this smoking babe has ever squirted and its all on camera! You can be sure that you will be seeing plenty more of Monte in the near future..