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Princess Paris - She Pays Off Her Debt Balls Deep

Princess Paris - Fake Taxi

4th September - Dear me, today's passenger Princess Paris was so fucking hot she made me fumble my directions, I got so lost in a dirty fantasy about nailing her! While I drove her to the main entrance of the park, we started bantering about what a tough job I have, and she managed to snipe me with a couple good zingers. Since I didn't want to let her get away with insulting me, I offered to let her switch places and drive me to the park instead. When Paris took off, she drove off on a tear, and scratched up the paint-job on the sides of my cab. We worked a deal, since the repairs would be expensive, that Paris would repay me with sexual favors, but only after she'd had a pee. While she squatted down to take a piss, I offered her my rock hard cock and, like a good Euro slut, she put her pouty lips on it and started sucking. Paris was even more fun than I'd imagined, a redheaded Lithuanian babe whose skillful oral sex and fucking drained every drop of cum from my balls! ...Read More
Jade Wilson - Backseat Fuck for Free Cab Ride

Jade Wilson - Fake Taxi

1st September - Admit it, if a hot blonde like Jade Wilson jumped in your taxi, you'd be pulling out all your moves to see if you couldn't get a peek at her big fake tits. Lucky for me, Jade was an easy sell, and to knock the price of her ride in half, this hot nympho pulled down the front of her top and got her boobs out! Flashing her boobs where any passing driver got Jade so horny, we started joking about pulling over to deal with the huge boner her public nudity was making swell in my pants. Once we pulled over, Jade wasted no time getting her mouth on my cock, sucking me off like the naughty British slut she is, until I nearly popped off in her mouth! I held it in long enough to dive in her tight pussy, nailing her in the back seat until she screamed with pleasure, until she drained all the cum from my balls with a mighty swallow. ...Read More
Kloe White - Foxy Ebony in Husband Revenge

Kloe White - Fake Taxi

25th August - Whenever I see a woman wearing an evil smirk like the babe Kloe White who jumped in my cab today, I know there's a whole back-story I'm definitely going to want to hear. How some idiot could cheat on a mixed-race babe this hot, I have no idea, but his loss was my gain! After cleaning him out in the divorce, Kloe was eager to get over this jerk by getting under a new man, so I volunteered my services as a cocksman. After pulling over in a quiet spot where we could have some privacy, Kloe and I started French kissing, and I pulled down her panties to get my tongue in her wet cunt. Kloe kept her stockings and garters on as I warmed her up with my best pussy eating technique, and when I pulled down my jeans, my hard boner was standing straight up. Kloe drove her lips to the base of my shaft, deepthroating my whole dick until she gagged, while I started at her big natural breasts. Before we fucked, Kloe gave me the best rimjob I'd ever had, she licked my asshole like such a greedy slut, the only way I could thank her was pounding this thick black beauty until she screamed out with pleasure! ...Read More

Katy Rose - Short Skirt Minx Rides Cock in Taxi

Katy Rose - Fake Taxi

21st August - I couldn't help being curious when a beautiful blonde Katy Rose jumped in my taxi, wearing a short black skirt. As I drove, I tried to guess whether or not she had a bra on her perky breasts, while bantering about everything and nothing. When Katy told me she didn't think she had enough cash on hang to cover the expensive taxi fare, I offered her the chance to flash me a peek instead. She was shy at first, but Katy pulled her panties to the side and gave me a long upskirt flash at her perfect pussy lips, and I nearly drove off the road. All I could think about was sliding balls deep inside of her, and pulled my best game to convince her to pull over for a fuck. Katy was starting to wiggle in her seat, horny to fuck, so I pulled off the road into a wooded area where she could get her blowjob lips on my rock hard cock. My dash-cam recorded our spontaneous sex tape, as I fucked Katy right there in the open air until I pulled out and nutted all over her ass! ...Read More
Skyler McKay - Lady With Big Tits Black Stockings

Skyler McKay - Fake Taxi

18th August - I got found out today, a woman Skyler McKay who knew all about my fake taxi bit and wanted to get a walk-on role. Skyler approached me parked on break, and invited herself into the back seat of the cab, tearing off her jacket and hiking up her skirt to rub her swollen clit. I buried my face between Skyler's legs and licked her pussy, oral sex made her so horny she was squirming to get her hands on my hard dick. Skyler unzipped my trousers and sucked me off like a pro, making every inch of my shaft disappear down her throat. My taxi's security cameras recorded the next bit, when Skyler sat down on my boner with her black stockings still on, bouncing her tight ass on me until I thought I was going to blow my wad. I held it in long enough to fuck this raven-haired British babe silly, sending her off with a thick shower of cum all over her taut stomach! ...Read More
Ivana Sugar - Hot Blonde in Tight Denim Shorts

Ivana Sugar - Fake Taxi

11th August - I breathed a massive sigh of relief when this babe Ivana Sugar jumped in my taxi and told me she didn't have a boyfriend. Knowing I might have a chance with this perfect ten Euro babe mad my mouth water, and I started thinking how I could get in her pants. When we arrived, Ivana confessed that she didn't have enough money on hand to pay for the ride. She wanted to meet me another time to pay the rest, but in the end Ivana came up with a much better idea: paying the fare with her sweet ass! Ivana offered me a blowjob, and even let me roll the camera while she sucked my cock! After sucking me to the brink of orgasm with with her talented tongue, Ivana tore off her panties and straddled me, bouncing her tight Russian pussy on my boner until I pulled out and emptied my balls on her! ...Read More
Sarah Kay - Lady Wants to See Driver's Big Cock

Sarah Kay - Fake Taxi

4th August - I should have known better than to start rubbing my bulge with a passenger in the car, but when Sarah Kay got in the back seat, I just couldn't help myself! What a stroke of luck she didn't seem to mind when she spotted what I was up to, all Sarah wanted was to lean forward and take a look at my stiffening dick. I'd been checking out her body since she climbed aboard, so I was hard as a rock when she unzipped my pants and started sucking me off in the back seat. Sarah tore her jeans off and spread her thighs so I could stick my tongue deep in her wet pussy. After I'd tongued her hole, she mounted me and we fucked in my car, boning all day until I left her with a little something to remember me by: a fat creampie dripping out of her pussy. ...Read More
Aaliyah Ca Pelle - Driver Caught Wanking in Underwear

Aaliyah Ca Pelle - Fake Taxi

31st July - I won the lottery with today's passenger Aaliyah Ca Pelle, a gorgeous Milf with blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. The moment she jumped in my cab, she tore her tights on the doorframe, and started peeling them off, giving me a peek between her legs at her shaved pussy lips! I could barely help myself from peeking in the rearview, and rather than ignore my stiffening dick, I decided to give it a wank instead! Aaliyah figured out what was going on and caught me in the act masturbating, then slipped forward and gave my dick a squeeze. As much as I loved her tugging me as I drove, we needed to pull over to a private spot that very minute so I could see how "wet and horny" I'd made her. The whole time I drove to the private spot, Aaliyah spread her legs wide and put on a show for me rubbing between her legs. She tore my pants off and deepthroated my cock, licking my balls as she sucked my dick, then I went down on her in turn. My cameras caught every minute of our sex, as I boned this thick British Milf from behind, ramming my dick deep inside her in this amateur taxi sex tape! ...Read More
Carmel Moore - Great Ass and Tight Shaved Pussy

Carmel Moore - Fake Taxi

28th July - Imagine the shame of a cab driver whose cab won't start, especially with a young beauty like Carmel Moore wanting a ride and it pouring a torrential rain outside. The engine wouldn't turn over, and the dispatcher said the nearest mechanic was a half hour away at best. With no other way to pass the time, and dejection nagging at both of us, I joined Carmel in the back to ride out the storm. We started to joke around, and our banter brought us to a little game of show-and-tell, and before long she was half-naked, showing me her perky breasts. Carmel wrapped her lips tightly around the tip of my rock hard cock before getting on all fours with her ass in the air, so I could bury my face in her bubble butt and lick her holes. ...Read More

Lucy Shine - Secretary Fucks for Job Interview

Lucy Shine - Fake Taxi

24th July - I get all kinds of passengers in my taxi, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't have a soft spot for secretaries like Lucy Shine. There's no other kind of broad I can depend on to be as big of a slut than a woman who's used to pleasing her boss. As soon as Lucy jumped in my cab, we started bantering, and I found out she was looking to make a change of career. When I told her my wife could help her swap jobs, she got excited thinking of being a bad girl with a married man. I couldn't deny Lucy her cheating fantasy, and pulled over in a very secluded spot in the woods where I joined her in the backseat to enjoy the forbidden fruit of infidelity. Without missing a beat, Lucy reached for my rock hard cock and started jerking me off. After Lucy sucked me off, I opened the door and banged her doggystyle right there in the great outdoors where any passing hiker could have spotted us! ...Read More
Ella Hughes - Posh Redhead With Big Nipples

Ella Hughes - Fake Taxi

21st July - Can you blame me for wanting to take things further with today's passenger Ella Hughes? This gorgeous British redhead jumped into my cab soaking wet from the rain, and looked absolutely cute as a button. As soon as she took her wet jacket off, I could tell she wasn't wearing a bra, as her hard nipples were poking through her dress. I started off slowly, by asking her if she wanted to go out on a date, but I quickly pushed things further, to see if she'd show me give me an upskirt flash for a free ride! Ella was willing to take her knickers off and let me see her pussy, but she drove a hard bargain: I'd have to put her panties on myself! For a peek at this babe's cunt I would have done anything she asked, and I watched her spread her thighs and give me a peek at her flawless pussy-lips. After fulfilling her dare, Ella sucked my cock, working the head with her lips while she jerked the shaft. We fucked all afternoon, and my cab's security cam captured every minute of our filthy amateur fun, including the ass-fingering, rimjob, and footjob! ...Read More
Eveline Dellai - Bar Lady Sucks and Fucks Big Dick

Eveline Dellai - Fake Taxi

17th July - When this gorgeous barmaid Eveline Dellai jumped in my cab today I got my hopes up that we might have some good chemistry together. But she dashed all hopes when it was clear Eveline didn't want anything to do with me or my banter. At one point, I got so horny thinking of my long distance girlfriend, I started rubbing my dick to pass the time. When Eveline noticed, she was pissed! Her anger quickly turned to curiosity, and she was asking me for a look, and put her hands on my cock to jack me off. We pulled over somewhere private, where Eveline jerked me off and gave the tip of my cock a tight squeeze between her lips. Standing outside the car, I bent this Czech hottie over the back seat and pounded her in this crazy outdoor public sex adventure! ...Read More
Nathaly Cherie - Big Tits and Great Curvy Body

Nathaly Cherie - Fake Taxi

7th July - Normally I wouldn't pry when I pick a passenger at the doctor's office, but when Nathaly Cherie jumped in my cab, I was willing to try anything to make conversation. Nathaly was a bit shy about answering my questions, but I was thrilled to see her modesty didn't carry over to undoing her bra and flashing me her huge fake boobs. You could see Nathaly's eyes light up when I told her watching her big melons bounce as I hit bumps in the road got my cock so hard, she licked her lips and leaned forward to see more. After I whipped it out, Nathaly grabbed it by the base and started jacking my cock, dirty talking in my ear about how bad she thought I was being for cheating on my wife. Nailing Nathaly in the back seat of my taxi brought Nathaly's infidelity sex fantasy to life, and I pounded her pussy raw, before blowing a fat load of spunk on her tongue. ...Read More