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Amber Deen - Revenge fuck for bisexual blonde

Amber Deen - Fake Taxi

1st December - Even though there are thousands of taxis in London, Amber Deen luckily found mine. Then again, she was looking for a revenge fuck after I banged her girlfriend a few weeks earlier! Miss Deen wanted to go back with an explicit sex story, so we made sure to do all the dirtiest deeds from pussy licking her Scottish snatch to her giving me a naughty deepthroat blowjob. Leaning up against the partition, this blonde bombshell's naturally small tits bounced as she put her backside full-frontal in my face and fingered her tight ass. I didn't want the beautiful day to go to waste, so we mounted on top of the bonnet and 69'd. This hot stunner needed some good foreplay before I banged her wet pussy. Luckily this babe was wearing glasses because I gave her an explosive facial. ...Read More
Nicole Vice - Married lady sucks and fucks driver

Nicole Vice - Fake Taxi

27th November - I was disappointed when Nicole Vice told me she was married, because she was the hottest blonde I'd seen all day! Luckily for me, she forgot her wallet at work and was more than happy to wank me off for a free fare. Little did I know this sex freak wanted so much more! Taking my big dick in her hands, she quickly moved her mouth onto my long shaft, giving me a dizzying blowjob. Miss Vice was clearly very horny, because she could barely take off her thong before riding me cowgirl on the back seat. Fucking is always better when it's a dirty little secret! ...Read More
Lucia Denvile - Sexy Long Legs in Lace Stockings

Lucia Denvile - Fake Taxi

10th November - When Lucia Denvile stepped into my cab today, the poor sweetie had just been fired, she was having the worst day. When I told her a good fuck might help, she suggested we find a place to screw. I hadn't even pulled off the highway and the randy little slut had spread her legs and started fingering herself in my rearview mirror. When I found a place to park, I climbed in the backseat and she dove at my cock, sucking the tip and licking my balls, this Czech trollop almost swallowed me whole! I fucked her doggystyle until she was panting into my camera lens, then asked her to ride me so I could get a close-up of her pussy bouncing on my dick. She fucked like a champ, and I got every second of it on tape, even the moment I blew my load on her twat. From the way she was moaning, I'd say this nasty tramp forgot all about that asshole boss of hers. ...Read More

Emma Louise - One Night Stand Gets Arse Fucked

Emma Louise - Fake Taxi

6th November - When you get a wickedly sexy babe like Emma Louise in your taxi, you better put on your smoothest moves. The anticipation made my balls heavy with jizz as we started bantering, and I started hoping she'd be as big a nasty slut as she looked. After what felt like an age, I saw my chance to park and have a private moment with Emma, right there in the back of my cab. Since we were having the fuck of a lifetime, I pushed my luck asking if I could press my way into her tight British arse. Emma spread herself wide open and took me balls deep in her juicy ass, until I shot the massive cumshot she was desperate to receive. ...Read More
Carmel Anderson - Tiny Blonde Loves Big Dick

Carmel Anderson - Fake Taxi

3rd November - If you think I could drive by a blonde beauty like Carmel Anderson without slamming down on the brakes, then you're crazy! Since I'd been driving a long time without stopping, I asked Carmel if she'd mind me taking a piss, and would you believe that slutty voyeur came around and not only did she sneak a peek at my cock, the cheeky girl grabbed the shaft and started trying to spell her name with the stream! Once she'd grabbed hold of me, she dropped to her knees and started sucking on my prick, pushing her lips to the base of the shaft. After deepthroating me like a champ, Carmel bent me over the door and shoved her tongue up my arsehole, showing me no proper British slut is scared of giving a rimjob! By the time we climbed back into the cab to fuck, I was aching for a chance to pound this babe's puffy pussy, taking a short break for standing 69 before I plastered her with a gooey facial! ...Read More
Diana Sweet - Creampie Ride for a Cheerleader

Diana Sweet - Fake Taxi

30th October - The last thing I was expecting when I pulled over by the train tracks was to come across a stranded cheerleader Diana Sweet in need of a lift. I'd walked away from my cab for a second, and thought it was safe to leave my car unattended, that's when this blonde teen lay out in the back seat to relax, her bare feet hanging out the window in the liquid sunshine. We started talking, and Diana told me she'd been stranded from a Halloween party, and needed a stranger to help give her a lift. I barely had to offer my services as a driver before Diana was proposing we work out a sexual deal to get her home. With my cab's security cameras recording our public sex tape, I slipped my cock deep in her shaved pussy and pounded Diana right there in the open air, leaving her with a huge dripping creampie! ...Read More
Jasmine Jae - Hot Sexy Big Tits and Tight Jeans

Jasmine Jae - Fake Taxi

27th October - Some gals you can tell from the get-go are going to be a good time, like this smokin' hot passenger Jasmine Jae. The moment she hopped in the cab, Jasmine started flirting with me, asking if I had a six-pack under my shirt. This cheeky British babe told me about the quickies she's had in the backs of cabs, and dropped a huge hint that she'd like me to be her next. You can bet I pulled over as soon as I could and joined Jasmine in the back seat to get my hands on her big fake tits. I nearly blew my load watching how Jasmine spat and drooled all over my cock as she gave me a supremely sloppy blowjob, alternating sucking my balls and tugging the shaft. I pulled Jasmine onto the lawn, and dove balls deep inside this British slut's cunt, before thanking her with a huge cumshot right on her tongue! ...Read More
Kimmie Fox - Deep Anal for Free Cab Ride

Kimmie Fox - Fake Taxi

20th October - If Kimmie Fox was willing to swallow the entirety of my cock, the least I could do is swallow the cost of the diesel driving her all the way home to Bristol. You see, when I pulled over to help this poor stranded woman, I had no idea she was going to offer me her sweet ass for a lift home. At her suggestion, we stopped off in a dogging site, where she spread her legs so I could lick and finger her juicy, wet pussy. After jumping out of the taxi, Kimmie got on her knees so I could facefuck her, and like a good little slut, she deepthroated every inch of my dick, then turned me around and gave me a rimjob. Licking my asshole got Kimmie horny for anal sex, and I turned her over and buried my boner as deep in her big ass as I could go, before coating every square inch of her smiling face with a big thick facial! ...Read More
Jasmine Webb - Hot Ebony Babe Loves a Good Fuck

Jasmine Webb - Fake Taxi

9th October - Oh well fuck me, I've given this broad a lift before, I could never forget the way Jasmine Webb drained my balls empty. Since I'd caught her out jogging, I pulled up alongside and asked if she had a nice sweaty cunt, and would you believe this ebony slut asked me to come back and lick it up! After licking the bead of sweat between her huge fake tits, I went down on her, eating out her black pussy until she was dripping wet when I stuck my fingers inside her. Jasmine's deepthroat blowjob skills were every bit as intense as I remembered, I nearly blew my nut the way she gagged on my cock. My cameras rolled on her big ebony booty as I nailed her standing doggy, pulling out to blow a huge facial cumshot all over her eager lips! ...Read More

Stella Cox - Petite Teen with Big Tits Gets Dick

Stella Cox - Fake Taxi

6th October - Only for a passenger as smokin' hot as Stella Cox would I cut my break short and get right back to the hustle. But it was raining out and I just couldn't say no to a natural beauty like her. Since her tank top was all wet from the drizzle outside, she asked if I'd mind her changing in my back seat. When I got out my phone to snap a pic of Stella's natural breasts in her bra, Stella got on all fours, posing her big juicy ass for me just like a porn star! Stella tore open my pants and started sucking and wanking my dick, then she lay back so I could taste her sweet teen pussy. My cab's security cams filmed her huge boobs bouncing as she rode my cock cowgirl, then the way she squealed for more dick as she came again and again! ...Read More
Victoria Summers - Hot Blonde on Taxi Cab Bonnet

Victoria Summers - Fake Taxi

29th September - Well fuck me, I drove by a hot blonde Victoria Summers taking a piss at a well-known dogging spot, and pulled up alongside to take a pervy little peek. Victoria cussed me out while I watched like a naughty voyeur, until she recognized me and remembered the last time time we'd fucked in my cab. Within minutes, Victoria was gagging deepthroating my cock, deepthroating every inch of it so she could stick her tongue out lick by balls. After she blew me, I bent Victoria over the bench of me cab and pounded her doggystyle, watching her big arse jiggle as I rammed home every deep thrust. After she sat her booty on my face and nearly smothered me in some raunchy 69, Victoria got on her knees and finished me off with a wet, sloppy blowjob using lots of spit. Victoria worked my shaft until I exploded a massive cumshot all over her face, and like a naughty slut she sat there smiling with thick facial dripping down. ...Read More
Naomi Bennet - Cute Customer with Natural Tits

Naomi Bennet - Fake Taxi

25th September - What am I supposed to do when a sexy, tanned passenger like Naomi Bennet starts flirting with me, asking to see my tattoos and get a closer look underneath my clothes. I started to get an idea of what Naomi really wanted when she asked me to pull over and show her the tattoos all over my body. I was powerless when Naomi put her hands on my body, I got shivers when she pulled up my sleeves to look at my arms, and my cock stiffened and pressed up against my jeans. A minute later, Naomi had my cock in her mouth, and was giving me the best blowjob I'd had in months, pulling on the shaft while her tongue massaged the head of my cock. Naomi riding me cowgirl in the back seat was a tight squeeze, but we managed to fuck like two crazed public sex enthusiasts right there where any passing car could have had us caught in the act! ...Read More
Julia de Lucia - Cheerleader With Great Tits and Ass

Julia de Lucia - Fake Taxi

18th September - What's with all the hot chicks these days thinking they can get in my cab without the cash to pay the fare, like Julia de Lucia just tried to do? Fair's fair, I told her if she couldn't pay up, she could walk the rest of the way, but Julia offered to sweeten the deal for me if I'd reconsider and drive her for free. Peeling down the front of her cheerleader uniform, Julia got her perky fake tits out, and then turned round and lifted her skirt so I could see the white panties being swallowed up by the crack of her big thick booty! Since Julia was game to take things all the way, and show me how skillfully she gags on a cock, I parked in the woods and joined her in the back to go down on her tasty pussy. Julia's oral sex skills blew my mind, it was all I could do to hold in my cumshot while she swallowed up the entire length of my cock and then gave me a rimjob. This nasty Euro slut didn't even mind my cameras rolling as we fucked in the cab, not even when i shoved it deep in her ass and my security cameras filmed a raunchy anal sex tape! ...Read More
Rina Ellis - Naughty Lady in Sexy Uniform

Rina Ellis - Fake Taxi

15th September - A genuine schoolgirl got into my cab today, naughty teen Rina Ellis who didn't hesitate to lift her kilt and flash me her white panties. We started bantering, and I told her I didn't believe she was 18 years old, until she whipped out her ID and let me see it was the real thing. Rina started flirting with me, like a proper slutty girl, and she spread her legs so I could stare at her crotch while I drove. When I let Rina know my cab had security cameras rolling for our safety, she started to unbutton her shirt, teasing me while she told me all about how a naughty girl like craves discipline. I warned her if she kept that up, I'd bend her over my knee and give her a spanking, and she said that's exactly what she hoped I'd do. I parked in a secluded spot and joined her in the back, where I patted and lightly spanked her juicy ass cheeks, before I gave this half-Asian teen the hardest, deepest fuck of her life! ...Read More
Miky Love - Passenger Wants Driver's Big Cock

Miky Love - Fake Taxi

11th September - Can you blame me for being curious about this smokin' hot passenger Miky Love? We started chatting as soon as this tall Czech brunette jumped in my cab, and she told me about her lovelife, and the unbelievable fact that she is somehow single. Later, we started talking about job openings, and I told her I knew a really good gig for a beautiful girl like her, all I asked was that she flash me her butt. Miky got on all fours and pulled down her panties, then spread her big butt cheeks, my cock stiffening up as she let me see her pristine asshole. Once she started to get naked, we were too horny to turn back. Parking in the middle of nowhere, I went into the back to serve Miky my fat cock, and she promptly started giving me a handjob. Miky sucked me off like a pro, then lay back so I could pound her balls deep with my raging hard on, building up the huge cumshot I nutted in her open mouth. ...Read More