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Valory Irene in 'Valory, a hotel room and you'

Valory Irene - Valory, a hotel room and you

The room is ready and Valory Irene is waiting to put on a special show.

Valory Irene in 'Upstairs Downstairs and What A Staircase!'

Valory Irene - Upstairs Downstairs and What A Staircase!

The SCORE staff wishes that our friend Valory Irene (and Sha Rizel) didn't live so far away in Ukraine. But wishes don't exist. It takes work and planning to make something happen. Because of the logistics involved, photographing Valory involves major projects such as Big Boob Finishing School in Portugal and the latest, SCORELAND On Location in the Caribbean. Valory just can't pop over to visit our office for a few days. This photo spread and video of Valory modeling lingerie and dresses and exposing every inch of her incredibly beautiful body is another keeper. Valory's life at home: "I like dancing. I like swimming. I like rabbits and dogs, but I don't have any pets because I live in a big city and it is hard to have pets. I work so much, I hardly have time to take care of myself.

Valory Irene in 'Sexy Sailor'

Valory Irene - Sexy Sailor

Come sail away with the very beautiful Valory Irene. No boat is required. Valory will be entertaining you on a terrace with the sea in the background. There is a model of a tall ship close by and Valory is the star to steer it by. Valory doesn't dress like this at home. "I like to wear sexy clothes but not too sexy. It is not always safe to walk around not wearing much clothing where I live, but I like tops with deep cleavage. It can be a dress or a shirt with a short skirt. Or a skirt to the knees. It depends on my mood." "I like it better when I have a shirt with deep cleavage.

Valory Irene in 'Tropic Titillation'

Valory Irene - Tropic Titillation

Valory Irene's top is a little unusual. It looks like a special permit is required to wear it. Otherwise she might get a ticket for wearing that. We can tell you that Valory did not wear it on the jet coming into the Dominican Republic or departing for the Ukraine. Valory's latest intense interests are in learning language and traveling. She wants to master French and English. Her English has improved greatly since her last SCORE trip. Modeling has allowed Valory to travel. It's opened many opportunities, much more than the job she had back home before she was discovered. .

Valory Irene in 'Hairdresser With Hooters'

Valory Irene - Hairdresser With Hooters

Valory Irene is not a hair stylist but that's a nice fantasy to get worked up over and SCORELAND is sticking to it. We've all had lady hair cutters stick their tits (sadly covered-up) in our faces. Some of us won't settle for anything less. So Valory playing lady barber in a hair club for men is something to relate to. And when the customer leaves so Valory can get in your face.. even better. Being in a closed hair salon with a stacked, naked beauty is an event to strive for. We're still looking for a real hair stylist who has a stacked body, big tits, a pretty face and will show it off and more in SCORE magazine. Needless to say, this is a very difficult, unfulfilled goal but one that should not be abandoned. More of the great Valory is coming on February 28 when it's Valory's turn to strut her sweet stuff in the Dominican Republic for "SCORELAND On Location" with Hitomi, Joana and Sha Rizel.

Valory Irene in 'Pussy Pumper'

Valory Irene - Pussy Pumper

"Valory combines an angelic face, one of the best in SCORE, with an exquisite body. Valory has a classy look that few girls can match," writes M.S. about Miss Irene, our friend across the Atlantic. Valory pumps herself with a P-Pump in this pictorial and video, wearing a spacey bikini-style outfit that looks like something a hot cosmonaut would wear to try to give Mr. Spock a hard-on. How does Valory keep that heavenly body in such sexy shape? "In the summer, I run with my friends," says Valory. "I usually exercise in the morning. I like to do a lot of upper-body exercises. In the winter, I go to a fitness center or work-out at home." Valory has come a long way in a short time. At first she was nervous about the camera.

Valory Irene in 'Your Personal Trainer'

Valory Irene - Your Personal Trainer

Here's how Valory Irene keeps her perfect body in great shape. Valory's got a better and sexier body than most Hollywood movie stars. If Valory was your personal trainer, you'd never leave the fitness center. Look at that ass in tight booty shorts. The camel-toe in photo 12. The direction Valory's sloped tits point when she's on the ball in photo 35. And to top it all off, Valory always communicates a personal warmth to the camera. She is the kind of girl you'd like to hang out with, get stuck with in a snowbound cabin in the hills. "I don't think of myself as special. I think all women are special, and any man can make a woman feel special.

Valory Irene in 'Ride 'em, Cowgirl!'

Valory Irene - Ride 'em, Cowgirl!

SCORE 2011 Newcomer of the Year and 2012 Model of the Year Valory Irene is the sexiest cowgirl this side of the Ukraine in her western hat, tight, white top and tight, denim shorts. Valory is one of the greatest SCORE Girls ever. She's just flawless.

Valory Irene in 'Belly dancing and boob jiggling Valory-style'

Valory Irene - Belly dancing and boob jiggling Valory-style

Like most girls, Valory enjoys dancing. Most guys enjoy watching girls dance because they want to see their tits and asses vibrate. So it balances out. On a trip to surreal Portugal, Sophie Mae gave Valory, Lana Ivans and Arianna Sinn some lessons in belly dancing. Sophie is an accomplished belly dancer and teacher back home in the Czech Republic. Valory is a fast learner and she picked up a lot on that trip. I wonder if Valory is still practicing her belly dancing back home. I hope so.

Valory Irene in 'Valory's Private Lesson'

Valory Irene - Valory's Private Lesson

This scene of Valory as a student was shot, appropriately enough, during the filming of the DVD Big-Boob Finishing School in Portugal. Valory joined super-naturals Arianna Sinn, Michelle Bond, Sophie Mae and Eden for this feature film in which Michelle runs a school for girls who are having trouble keeping their men (something we think is highly unlikely with these girls in real life). Basically, Michelle teaches them how to be busty little fuck puppets who attend to their man's every need. Sounds good to us.

Valory Irene in 'Valory Irene's SCORELAND2 debut'

Valory Irene - Valory Irene's SCORELAND2 debut

For SCORELAND2 members, this is your first look at Valory Irene, the Ukrainian girl-next-door who took the big-boob world by storm in 2010 and won SCORE's 2011 Newcomer of the Year. In fact, this is the very shoot that introduced Valory to SCORELAND on September 21, 2010, a historic day in the history of big tits.