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Sandra Otterson in 'Kate's Idle Hands'

Sandra Otterson - Kate's Idle Hands

Oh my! This week the naughty little Kate stops by to work on getting her massage license. Naturally she only think about massaging a hard cock and that she does (actually she drained three that day!) Watch her massage her huge gorgeous tits all over her 'pupil' and finally work it until it literally blasts thick cum all over her slutty face. Afterwards she climbs up and massages her own pussy until she's soaked, then grabs a vibrator and brings herself to a searing orgasm.

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Sandra Otterson in 'Caught in the Act'

Sandra Otterson - Caught in the Act

Oh how embarrassing! This week I was speaking at a seminar and everyone had taken off for lunch. I had been feeling horny and thought I could masturbate in the conference room while everyone was gone. Unforuntately I had forgotten to lock the door! One of the attendees came back for his bag and caught me with my panties down and watched me climax! He was so nice about it I told him I would be happy to suck him off as long as he could cum before everyone came back. He obliged - shooting his wad very well!!!

Sandra Otterson in 'Sissy's Jizz Biz'

Sandra Otterson - Sissy's Jizz Biz

Well, you know it's the holidays because my "super slut" sister showed up at my door, huge tits hanging out from her cute little outfit and needing money! My poor husban was home alone (naturally) and had been looking for a personal shopper for the Xmas season. She told him she REALLY need a job and would be willing to do ANYTHING to get it! She was on her knees slobbering all over my hubby's hard cock in no time, deepthroating him like a pro and catching his thick load on her tongue! Come see!

Sandra Otterson in 'All About Wifey'

Sandra Otterson - All About Wifey

Hi Guys! This week i turn into a TOTAL SLUT and end up getting fucked by this huge black cock :) It all starts when i get caught masturbating to this hot porno i was watching on my computer. The girl in the video was getting fucked by these two hung black guys and i got so horny watching it, i knew i HAD to have something like that in my soaked pussy. I fucked that dong until i nearly passed out and ended up cumming with that huge thing pointing at my face. Very very naughty!!

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Sandra Otterson in 'Dr Wifey's Epic Cure'

Sandra Otterson - Dr Wifey's Epic Cure

I had come down with a cold and just couldn't seem to get over it so decided what i REALLY needed was a nice hard gorgeous dick buried balls deep into me! Funny how that seemed to do the trick. After getting my ass eaten until i nearly passed out he licked my soaked pussy - then stood up and drove his rock hard cock into me and fucked the flu right out of me! I got up and rode him reverse cowgirl style until he was ready to ejaculate, then dropped down to swallow my medicine. Fucking naughty!

Kim Kardashian Superstar @

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Sandra Otterson in 'Doctor's Oral Exam'

Sandra Otterson - Doctor's Oral Exam

I went to my doctor this week because i had been having extremely intense orgasms and wanted to make sure they didn't stop! He thoroughly checked out my vagina and clitoris (as well as a full breast exam - is that normal?) I wasn't sure it was ethical or not but he put his tongue in my vagina until i was so stimulated i needed his penis in me. He did fuck me in his office, then made me climax while he recorded it to watch my pussy contracting. Then he let me suck him to a messy orgasm. So hot!!

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