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Terri Jane in 'Nurse Terri'

Terri Jane - Nurse Terri

"When I find bras in my size, they make my boobs look frumpy," said K-cup natural Terri Jane from Birmingham, England. "They are not cute. It's like they think that just because you have big boobs that you must be an old woman. So I can't find bras to fit me. It's very hard. I love a nice bra that pushes them up and brings them together. Pretty and in all different colors. Pinks, purples, yellows, but my ideal bras...I can't find them."

Terri Jane in 'Pink Lingerie Paradise'

Terri Jane - Pink Lingerie Paradise

The Brits (and the Europeans to a lesser degree) always seem to ride to the rescue when it looks like drought season for big boobs. Back in the late '90s, Jessica Turner, Lorna Morgan, Kerry Marie and several other UK sweater-stretching lovelies ran out onto the playing field and made the game more exciting when America seemed to fumble and drop the ball.

Terri Jane in 'Sheer Ecstasy'

Terri Jane - Sheer Ecstasy

Not too many girls have been on the cover of SCORE, Voluptuous and XL Girls magazines. I guess it would seem to be impossible--how can a girl be slim 'n' stacked and super-plump at the same time?--but Terri Jane pulled it off, appearing on the covers of the September '11 V-mag, the November '11 SCORE and the May '12 XL Girls #227. I guess part of that is because, in all honesty, we wanted to make sure all big-boob lovers got to see her. A girl like Terri is not meant to be hidden or seen by a select few.