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Taylor Steele in 'Beach Baby'

Taylor Steele - Beach Baby

"I live in Toronto, Canada, so I have to be bundled up for half the year," beautiful Taylor Steele told us when she first modeled for SCORE. Toronto is a cool city, but it's not Miami where girls walk around in bikinis and high heels.

Taylor Steele in 'First time, only time: Taylor Steele tits 'n' tugs'

Taylor Steele - First time, only time: Taylor Steele tits 'n' tugs

Although they look nothing alike, Taylor Steele of Canada and Angela White of Australia remind me a lot of each other. Yeah, they both have big, natural tits, but that's not what I'm getting at. What I'm getting at is that when Angela first walked into our studio in 2003, I would have bet anything that she would've been doing full-on hardcore within a few years. Well, she made us wait until 2011.

Taylor Steele in 'Dream Maker'

Taylor Steele - Dream Maker

I find it hard to believe that I never met Taylor Steele. I say that because I feel as if I know her so well, but the truth is, we shot her in Toronto, Canada and Grand Bahama Island, and I wasn't in either place for those shoots. Maybe it's because of the way Taylor's personality comes through in her photo shoots (and the emails she occasionally sent me) that I feel as if I know her so well. I bet I'm not the only guy who feels that way.