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Stephanie Stalls in 'Stephanie's first DP'

Stephanie Stalls - Stephanie's first DP

We haven't shot a lot of DP scenes at SCORELAND. There are several reasons for that. One, a lot of our girls aren't experienced porn pros. Some of them never do hardcore and the ones who do shoot a handful of scenes. Double penetration is an advanced skill. A girl has to take a cock in her pussy and ass at the same time. She's getting drilled by two big men and she's right in the middle of the action.

Stephanie Stalls in 'Burlesque Star'

Stephanie Stalls - Burlesque Star

Feature dancer and SCORE porn star Stephanie Stalls is a disciple of burlesque and puts on one of her burlesque-style shows in the video match of this photo spread. She dances regularly at Jill's in West Virginia and does road trips around America shaking and bouncing her big boobs. Stephanie's mentioned burlesque in her interviews and chats but we never saw any examples of her moves during her visits to SCORE. "I have feather fans and a champagne ball that I get into," Stephanie said. "Burlesque is a lot of kicking your legs out and teasing.".

Stephanie Stalls in 'Champagne Room Boom Boom'

Stephanie Stalls - Champagne Room Boom Boom

Stephanie Stalls' resting metabolism is normally high-energy and hyper-sexual. If her sex drive could be compared to a car engine, it would be a V-8 Twin Turbo. Those twin turbos Stephanie shakes around the USA get a real hard and nasty work-out in "Champagne Room Boom Boom" at SCORELAND. The sexually aggressive Tennessee-born tit-an (part Cherokee, Irish and Scottish) living in Kentucky goes wild on the stunt-dick, starting by pouring champagne all over her big boobs. After they lap that up, they pour it on his cock so Stephanie can lap that up with her long tongue. Then they breast-bang and fuck like it's an athletic competition, Stephanie's huge knockers bouncing with every stroke. How the bed didn't break under them is still being investigated by SCORE engineers. We're not saying this kinda thing goes on in every champagne room out there but it did here and Stephanie is responsible. She makes a lot of porn stars look like they're taking a nap. "Even guys where I live just freak out when they meet me," Stephanie said when she first came to SCORE.

Stephanie Stalls in 'Country Chick'

Stephanie Stalls - Country Chick

There are country chicks and there are country chicks. Stephanie Stalls is a real country chick. Born in Tennessee, she lives in Kentucky and currently jiggles her heavy breasts on stage at Jills in Wheeling, West Virginia. "My mom always told me not to play with my food but you know what? I'm gonna do it anyway," announces Stephanie, her deep cleavage looking mighty fine as usual. Country girls will be country girls. What're you all gonna do? Let it rip, Stephanie. There's an assortment of pastries plus whipped cream and milk on the table before her. Stephanie likes those pastries that explode their creamy filling in her mouth. Kind of like the guys in her videos! She tops her naked body off with milk and whipped cream to become a hot creamy mess!

Stephanie Stalls in 'Stick what up my ass'

Stephanie Stalls - Stick what up my ass

"How come you always give me the biggest guys?" Stephanie Stalls said to me while she was waiting for her next big guy to fill her ass for the first time on-camera. She was smiling, as usual, and by "biggest guys," she wasn't talking about their height or weight. She was talking about their cock size.

Stephanie Stalls in 'Jack Talk'

Stephanie Stalls - Jack Talk

"I have the mind of a porn star," says Stephanie Stalls, who opens this scene by telling us, "I love touching my tits."

Stephanie Stalls in 'Stephanie Stalls' First Fuck'

Stephanie Stalls - Stephanie Stalls' First Fuck

This is Stephanie's third fuck scene at SCORELAND2. We're always happy and proud to have her because Stephanie fucks so well and yet she has only done it on-camera for SCORE. This is a great thing. Stephanie is a horny, sexy, big-titted feature dancer who could easily pad her resume by fucking on-camera all over the fucking place, but she doesn't. She fucks only for us because she likes us and trusts us. That's a big thing for a lot of girls.

Stephanie Stalls in 'Tool Time Girl'

Stephanie Stalls - Tool Time Girl

I'm always happy to see Stephanie Stalls in our studio. Of course, part of that is because she's short 'n' stacked with big, fat F-cup tits, but there's more to it than that. Whenever Stephanie is in our studio, she always has a big smile on her face, and she's always horny, and she's always telling me about her latest adventures on the lap-dancing trail. You know, back in the 1990s and early 2000s, big-titted feature dancers dotted the landscape, but these days, they're a rare breed. Stephanie is a big-titted feature dancer, and since this is winter, you can probably find her in South Dakota, giving lapdances to this or that outdoorsman who frequents this or that strip club.

Stephanie Stalls in 'Treat Her Like A Lady'Sometimes'

Stephanie Stalls - Treat Her Like A Lady'Sometimes

We've all heard the phrase "man's man." Well, Stephanie Stalls of Kentucky is a man's woman. I've never seen a woman who looks more like a woman (short 'n' stacked, 40-26-36, F-cup tits, big, round ass) and thinks more like a man. And I don't just mean that she's horny all the time (although she is). I mean that she can sit down with the guys and suck down a few beers and talk dirty, but then she can give you the lapdance of your life, grinding her pussy into your crotch until you blow your load.

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