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Sophie Mae in 'My Breasts Like Creaming'

Sophie Mae - My Breasts Like Creaming

Big boobs don't always run in the family. Sophie Mae says she's the bustiest girl in her family. According to Sophie, her mother is not nearly as busty as Sophie. Her sister, who does not model, is busty.

Sophie Mae in 'Gorgeous in the garden'

Sophie Mae - Gorgeous in the garden

If you get a chance after you watch this video, head over to the SCORELAND Blog and do a search for the mini-video of Sophie Mae belly dancing. It's quite a sight. I've seen some belly dancers in my time, and they usually have big asses and big guts but not much tit. Sophie's the most-stacked belly dancer I've ever seen. And she really is a belly dancer. She was a student and dance instructor when we discovered her in 2009.

Sophie Mae in 'Sophie Puts The Show In Shower'

Sophie Mae - Sophie Puts The Show In Shower

Sophie Mae has it all. Beautiful face, boobs, ass, pussy and legs, and the remaining parts are just as gorgeous. Sophie is a knockout and a popular girl at SCORE and V-mag since her debut in 2009 when she was a mere 19 years old. Sophie has intelligence, charm and personality. She's very well-spoken. Her English is very good, and she has a sweet voice.

Sophie Mae in 'A Czech Bouncer You Want To Welcome'

Sophie Mae - A Czech Bouncer You Want To Welcome

In the past, kings have gone to war over beauties like Sophie Mae. And when I call Sophie beautiful, I mean really beautiful, as in gorgeous. When we saw her test shots in 2009, we recognized a major hottie when we saw one. I still find it hard to believe that at the time, Sophie was a 19-year-old student. And she was already a professional dancer and dance instructor. I know 19-year-olds who can barely move a finger to take their own picture with a smartphone.