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Sonja in 'The Roller Skater'

Sonja - The Roller Skater

Sonja has been roller skating ever since she was very young. She has always found it helps her to separate her thoughts and today she has a particular dilemma. Will she keep going on her usual route to the library? Or, will she turn around and go home to chill out to some of her favorite tunes? She stops for a moment, realizing there's nothing at the library that would interest her more than going home to be alone and hopefully discover something she wouldn't be able to in the stuffy old book shelves.When Sonja gets home she can hardly keep her hands off herself. Luckily, no one's home so she has some time to explore. She begins by rubbing her thighs through her stiff jean shorts, realizing they aren't very useful. She takes them off. Next, she peels off her top to reveal her cute checked underwear. Her bra comes off next and she continues to caress her soft curves. Growing tired of her thong, she slides it's thin straps down over her silky bottom to discover's her shaved pussy waiting to devour her excited fingers. Sonja uses her soft fingers and hands to guide her starved pussy to an exceptional outburst of soft moaning blanketed in the rays of soft light shining through the window to caress her smooth body. As her moans turn to cries of intense pleasure she is building up the sexual energy that will later be released. Finally, Sonja finds the exact spot that pushes her over the edge of orgasm. As she's cumming she allows her breath to quicken and her body to release every last morsel of tension that has been built up over the last couple days. A well relaxed Sonja melts into her couch, going back to her music, to top off a perfectly executed Saturday mission.