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Shyla Shy in 'The voluptuous blonde and the big, black cock'

Shyla Shy - The voluptuous blonde and the big, black cock

It would be easy to mistake Shyla Shy for a girl who doesn't have much to say. At first meeting, she's quiet and shy, and that's not a mistaken impression. Shyla is quiet and shy. I remember meeting her in the SCORE Studio for the first time in 2008. Shyla was only 20 years old, and it was her first time modeling, and she was nervous, and when the studio manager asked me if I wanted to interview her, I said, "No. She won't have anything to say."

Shyla Shy in 'Shyla's shy'except when she's fucking!'

Shyla Shy - Shyla's shy'except when she's fucking!

Shyla Shy wanted to be a mainstream model, and with her pretty face and bright smile, there's no good reason she couldn't have been one. But there were plenty of bad reasons she couldn't be one, and they reflect the idiocy of mainstream society with its focus on small tits and skinny girls.