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Scarlett Rouge in 'Three-way Sex in the Titties'

Scarlett Rouge - Three-way Sex in the Titties

The two girls in this scene, Scarlett Rouge and Selena Castro, couldn't look more different (other than their chests) but couldn't be more alike. Selena is a dark-skinned, big-boobed Miami Latina who loves to go clubbing. Scarlett is a big-boobed, pale-skinned, blonde California girl who, like Selena, has had girlfriends and boyfriends. They both say they're always horny. They both say they go after cock when they want it.

Scarlett Rouge in 'Fuck The Interview'

Scarlett Rouge - Fuck The Interview

There's something about Scarlett Rouge, who was a college student from Buffalo, New York, when we first met her in 2009. Sure, she's young (only 19 when this scene was shot) and blonde and pretty, and she has huge, fluffy naturals, and that, right there, is going to be enough for every single one of us. But the thing about Scarlett is...she's horny. She's smolderingly sexy. When she walks into the room, she gives off an air like, "I'm going to suck off every man in this room." And nobody would be surprised if she did.