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Rockell in 'Ride 'em, Cowgirl!'

Rockell - Ride 'em, Cowgirl!

Yee-Haw! Rockell's about to have a hayride and you're invited. Have you ever seen a prettier cowgirl? If the South does rise again, it'll be because of Rockell and her decision to become a hot model. If anything rises, it's the cock of any man who sees this pictorial and matching video! "I spent many nights riding down dirt roads in the middle of nowhere," says the beautiful country girl. "We used to drink. That's what you do in little Southern towns, because there isn't much else to do. You have bonfires and everyone gets together. Everyone knows everyone's business. In the South, there's a thing about Southern generosity, and it's true. I've gone to other places where they weren't so hospitable, so I definitely love the South. Even here in South Florida!" Make hay with Rockell in this barn-burning photo set.

Rockell in 'Saloon Gal Of The Wild Wild West'

Rockell - Saloon Gal Of The Wild Wild West

It's no stretch of the imagination to picture Rockell as a dance hall fantasy girl, time-tripping back to The Klondike Gold Rush in 1898 or in 1876 Deadwood, South Dakota. Except there would be no dead wood with Rockell around. Not with her face, gorgeous body and big boobs. The gold prospectors and gun slingers would have been breastnotized. "I like my boobs to be sucked on and I like them to be played with," says Rockell about her twins. "I guess I like them to be teased. Just give them 100% attention and you're good to go. I named them Attention Whores." "A lot of guys have told me that for their size, I have the best boobs they've seen in a long time," says Rockell, covergirl of February '13 V-Mag, and March '13 and October '13 SCORE with more to come in 2014. "So that makes me feel good." Three magazine covers in one calendar year. That's impressive.

Rockell in 'The Hot Secretary'

Rockell - The Hot Secretary

Rockell as The Hot Secretary? Works for us. She's gorgeous and her southern girl body is killer. Every office could do with a Rockell on the staff. Let's imagine what her job interview would be like. On the other hand, as soon as Rockell began speaking in her Alabama accent, she'd be hired on the spot. As SCORE magazine's editor says, "Rockell is a bubbly, small-town girl with big-city sex appeal." The Bama blonde loves mud wrestling, karaoke, dressing up in eye-magnetizing outfits and getting her picture taken. And she loves being gifted with having big, natural boobs. When a new pictorial or video of Rockell is released, she gets excited and eager to see it. What makes southern girls so special? You're looking at her. When Rockell saw her latest, full-length video, she said, "I see how southern my accent really is!" (It's a southern girl legend that all southern girls use the expression, "Oh, my word!") Rockell puts the bam! in Alabama.