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Ria Sakuragi in 'Soap Girl'

Ria Sakuragi - Soap Girl

Japanese tit-fans have made slim & stacked Ria Sakuragi a popular name in their country. She's in demand at local adult shops and clubs. Pixellation of the genitals is the law and a complex situation in Japan for all adult material, whether it is hardcore or solo but for diehard breast-men there, the love of big boobs transcends all. Ria visits an old-timey motel in this photo set and matching video to soap up her big, floppy, pliable tits. Ria can really squeeze and dig into her boob-flesh. She has wrap-around tits with large areolae. "Ria is so damn sexy," writes Jim. "She is very pretty and has an incredible all-natural body. I love that ass of hers and those mouthwatering tits capped off with perfect nipples." .

Ria Sakuragi in 'Wall Flower'

Ria Sakuragi - Wall Flower

Wide-eyed Ria Sakuragi knows no English. Our Japanese is limited to words we learned from Hitomi, Ria's friend. But that's okay. Ria's body speaks for itself. Her trademarks are her hard nipples and brown areolae. Ria's tits are very pliable and mashable while her body is super-slim. She's like the Japanese counterpart of Lillian Faye or going further back in time, Mariana, an Israeli. Ria lives in Okayama but travels around Japan appearing at video stores and night clubs. Japanese tit-men are no different than their American and European counterparts and they'll travel to see Ria when she's at a store near them. .

Ria Sakuragi in 'East Meets Breast'

Ria Sakuragi - East Meets Breast

Ria Sakuragi is well known in Japan but unknown in the US and Europe (until her debut in March '13 SCORE and on SCORELAND). Ria is 22-years-old and comes to us from one of our contributing photographers in Japan. She's a friend of Hitomi and they hang out when they have the chance. Like most 20-something Japanese girls, Ria lives on her iPhone and spends a lot of time on the net when she's not showing her tits and ass on-camera. Hobbies: shopping, going to spas and watching TV. One thing we have noticed about Japanese models is the absence of tattoos unlike their American and European counterparts. We hope to photograph more busty Japanese girls. This is not an easy goal but we will try. .