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Rene Love in 'Unconditional Love'

Rene Love - Unconditional Love

"Love is the greatest refreshment in life," Pablo Picasso wrote about Love. A great painter, Pablo could do two coats in one day. He was obviously referring to Rene Love, a New Discovery who makes a guy feel a lot more than refreshed when he checks out her super-buxom anatomy. This fresh set is further proof of Rene's magic. And what is Rene wearing? Little, tight shorts and a sheer top over a bra. She has the massive 36J tits, she has the sexy legs, she has the spank-worthy booty. Some of the guys were going crazy over Rene the very first time they saw her video on the SCORELAND Blog. She reminded some SCORE vets of Sammie, the British super-titter of the late '90s. Rene has no steady, surprisingly enough, so she often takes things into her own hands. "I masturbate maybe two times a day.

Rene Love in 'Meet Rene'

Rene Love - Meet Rene

If you haven't see Rene Love's introductory video on the SCORELAND Blog, check that out first before you begin flipping through the photos. Her girl-next-door personality and cuteness merged with huge 36J-cup boobs, voluptuous body and pretty face will lock in your attention. Originally from New Jersey, Rene works as an inventory specialist. You'll want to take stock of her yourself. She played volley ball and softball and she was a cheerleader in school. The brain circuits overload at the very thought of Rene jumping around in a cheerleader outfit. She likes to read, travel and go on adventurous dates. She likes to sing and she has a very sweet voice. Rene loves to wear V-neck tops and tight skirts when she goes out. In other words, she enjoys torturing boob-men.