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Prestley Dawson in 'Joyride'

Prestley Dawson - Joyride

Presley Dawson has been waiting all morning for Alena to show up. Alena Rains' dad has the most incredibly sexy vintage Ford Mustang. Since her dad has been away on business, she stole the car for the afternoon to pick up her girlfriend Presley. The two hot girls drive to a secluded spot in nature to fool around. What would Alena's dad think? Upon Arrival the girls don't hesitate to sink their lips into each other's supple mouths. They remove each other's scant tops and continue their passionate kissing. Alena is excited and she pulls down Presley's pink jean shorts. Presley reciprocates removing Alena's light blue jean shorts. The girls are totally naked at this point and Alena can't hold back! She climbs on top of Presley's face who licks Alena's shaved pussy from below and Alena is instantly in ecstasy as her soft pink parts are moistened repeatedly by Presley's pierced tongue. Alena continues kissing Presley's neck and as she turns to open her legs Alena finds her way to Presley's soft shaved pussy and eats her out. Presley is in heaven while she has her pussy licked over and over releasing moans of pleasure.Presley thanks Alena with a kiss and as Alena folds herself over the sports car exposing her pussy, Presley's tongue leaps inside her. As the wind blows harder and harder the moans of pleasure turn to cries of ecstasy. Alena cums on the car with Presley's tongue inside her. Shifting positions Presley climbs on top of the hood of the car, sitting with her legs open and her ass against the candy apple red of the mustang. Alena goes down on Presley and licks her clit and shaved pussy until Presley finally cums. The two hot girls embrace and kiss before going their separate ways in the buck nude!

Prestley Dawson in 'Catching Rays'

Prestley Dawson - Catching Rays

Ava Sparxxx and Presley Dawson are out catching some rays today. It's so nice out they couldn't resist. The tanning oil is such a delicious smell that while rubbing it all over Ava's chest, Presley gets an idea. Ava flips over for Presley to get her back. Presley rips off Ava's bottoms while she takes care of her own bikini top. Ava is up now, she takes off Presley's top too and begins to oil up her entire front including her young shaved pussy. Ava leans down to kiss Presley who meets her halfway. The girls continue to make out passionately by the pool. As Presley leans back she wraps a leg around Ava's body bringing her closer. Ava whips out her glass dildo and begins to gently coax it inside Presley's shaved pussy. The glass dildo is twisted and thrust deep inside the teen girl and her moans of pleasure indicate Ava's hitting the right spots. Presley begins to breathe quicker and deeper as Ava quickly increases the amount of dildo within her, kissing her softly tanned inner thigh. Presley moves behind Ava this time penetrating Ava with another handy glass dildo.Ava is made happier with every single thrust of the toy deep inside her tight pussy. Presley shoves it deeper inside her each time she thrusts it forward. Ava is in bliss and releases moan after moan of pleasure until finally, the moaning turns to cries and Ava cums yelling at the top of her lungs. Presley takes her glass dildo for a second ride. Ava shoves it deep inside her just as Presley did for her. This time the orgasm is even more intense. Presley is in such bliss that she can hardly breathe. Dusk is falling quickly, as the girls have been at it all day, making their long lazy day one to remember!