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Paola Rios in 'Bathing booty'

Paola Rios - Bathing booty

Nearly eight months have passed since we last saw Paola Rios at SCORELAND2. That's too long to wait for one of the most nicely-titted and areolaed girls I've ever seen, but, hey, we have a lot of girls to show you. This scene was shot in 2007 in Buenos Aires. In it, Paola takes a bath.

Paola Rios in 'Chesty Chica'

Paola Rios - Chesty Chica

This video has one of the things I love to see big-boobed girls doing, and that's dancing. (Thought I would write fucking?) When it comes to dancing, Latin girls are damned near impossible to top. If you watch Spanish-language TV shows like Noche de Perros, the women (usually pretty, stacked and wearing a sexy dress that fits them like a glove) will burst into a dance number in a split second for no reason. Paola Rios, a Paraguayan, is just like that and busts out into a healthy dancing session at 17:25 into this video. I loved it.

Paola Rios in 'She's Even Bustier With A Bustier'

Paola Rios - She's Even Bustier With A Bustier

Paola Rios came to us from Paraguay, the same South American country that also gave us Voluptuous star Romina Lopez. Neither Romina nor Paola model anymore. According to her photographer, Paola owns a clothing boutique with her sister. I can only imagine what kind of clothing they sell. Probably very low-cut tops and push-up bras with a wide selection of short skirts and fuck-me pumps.

Paola Rios in 'Do You Know The Way To Paraguay'

Paola Rios - Do You Know The Way To Paraguay

Paola Rios is a beautiful, slim n' stacked girl-next-door from Paraguay who doesn't understand the reasons for her appeal and never loses her nice girl image, no matter how she dresses. She's worn sleazy burlesque dancer outfits with heavy makeup and still can't shake the nice girl look. Good for her.