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Olivia Grace in 'We Love Ass Play'

Olivia Grace - We Love Ass Play

Olivia Grace and Sara are two surprising young ladies. Well, maybe not too surprising considering sensual ass play is one of the most incredibly erotic pastimes. Sara and Olivia know this all too well, whenever they get horny, ass play is essential to guiding one another slowly and steadily toward an incredible orgasm that makes their entire body shudder under the force of their contractions.Sara is the first to start prodding lower and lower against Olivia's sweet teen pussy, and her tender pucker. Olivia reacts with intense feelings and she takes her time, but makes sure Sara feels her excitement by measuring her breathing. We soon see her breathing change to allow her to hold for the suspense of having her ass licked with Sara's slick tongue. But first, some sensual pussy licking.As Sara works up her rhythm, her gentle ass licking turns to fingering, and as she adds new fingers to the mix, Olivia throws back her head enjoying every sensation of Sara's long fingers tickling her itching pussy from behind. Sara adds another finger, and this drives Olivia wild, moaning at the top of her voice in painful pleasure, as her skin crawls with the power of Sara's precise touch. Olivia takes a break to play around with Sara. Sara's already horny, and still licking the flavor of Olivia's asshole from her pursed lips. Soon, she tells Sara, and Sara uses this perfect opportunity to finish Olivia off with an intense anal orgasm. Olivia is hungry for hole, and doesn't waste a moment getting Sara on her knees on her way to her cute butthole with her slick gentle tongue. She stimulates Sara's pussy from below while she licks, and Sara seems to be somewhere else, taking each iota of pleasure with her closed eyes, enjoying the waves of intense pleasure she's feeling from her core, until she finally reaches the intense orgasm she's been waiting all day for.

Nikky in 'Kitchenvibe'

Nikky - Kitchenvibe

Teen Nikky furiously fingers her tight pussy then uses her pink toy to finish herself off.

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Nikky in 'This Is How You Jerk A Cock Off!'

Nikky - This Is How You Jerk A Cock Off!

Well fellas... it's gets no better than this... I have never in my porn shooting career have witnessed such a tantalizing tugjob.. EVER! Nikky makes it a point to acquaint Gino's cock with every inch of her body.... and I do mean EVERY INCH!!! She blows hime and pulls on his big hard cock until he blows a huge load all over her face. Enjoy!