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Natalie Fiore in 'Having a naughty time in Nassau'

Natalie Fiore - Having a naughty time in Nassau

The first time Natalie Fiore modeled was in Nassau, and that week-long photo shoot resulted in the DVD Naughty In Nassau. If you're current with XLGirls, SCOREHD or the SCORELAND Blog, you know that Natalie's been modeling pregnant. She's absolutely huge on top and has a huge belly bump. I mean, she's like a fertility goddess come to life, someone an artist should sculpt in stone. Natalie's approaching delivery time as of this writing. The difference between her body then in Nassau and now is brain-freezing.

Natalie Fiore in 'Extreme Tank Top Stretching'

Natalie Fiore - Extreme Tank Top Stretching

This is one of my favorite Natalie Fiore videos. Why? Partly because of the stiffie-making outfit she's wearing at the beginning. Extreme Tank Top Stretching. That top drives me crazy.

Natalie Fiore in ''Every woman loves the attention of men,' says Natalie Fiore'

Natalie Fiore - 'Every woman loves the attention of men,' says Natalie Fiore

Natalie Fiore reminds me of the kind of woman that was plentiful in the early days of Voluptuous magazine. There are a lot of Europeans in V-mag (Gya, Micky, Arianna Sinn), but there were even more in the '90s and they had a sophisticated, mature flair about them that you only see in European women. Many of them were in their mid-20s or early 30s when they became men's mag models. They were well-read, educated and knowledgeable about life, men and sex and they knew what they wanted. They were fastidious about their clothes, their hair and nails and their make-up. The average person seeing them might have thought they were actresses in glossy European art movies. Remember the actress Sylvia Kristel from the Emmanuelle films? That's the kind of style I mean.

Natalie Fiore in 'Growing, Growing...Still Growing!'

Natalie Fiore - Growing, Growing...Still Growing!

Natalie Fiore has been a SCORE Girl since 2006, and it seems like every time we see her, her natural breasts have grown. These photos and the accompanying video were made the second time we photographed her in Prague, Czech Republic in 2009, and she was bustier than she had been in 2006 but not as busty as she would be in 2010 on Grand Bahama Island and 2011 in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, when she crossed the line from being a SCORE/Voluptuous crossover model to being a true stacked-and-packed V-Girl in every way.