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Minka in 'Minka's big-tit attack'

Minka - Minka's big-tit attack

Minka has enjoyed a long and distinguished modeling career, and she's still going strong. The October '14 SCORE magazine (available at celebrated 20 years of Minka with a 10-page spread.

Minka in 'Win Minka's bra, tits and pussy!'

Minka - Win Minka's bra, tits and pussy!

"I was a tennis player in South Korea," said Minka in an interview for the DVD Maximum Minka. "I stopped playing tennis when I came to the United States in 1994. I tried to get a job as a tennis teacher in Washington, D.C., but I didn't have a license to teach tennis, and I couldn't pass the written test. Then one day, I was playing in the Asian Olympic Games in Chicago, and my friend, she's a plastic surgeon, she and I were showering together and she said to me, 'Why don't you get into the men's magazines? Don't teach tennis. How much money can you make teaching tennis?' So I sent three pictures to your studio in England, and one week later, they sent an airplane ticket, and I was in England."

Minka in 'Fucks Her Fan'

Minka - Fucks Her Fan

I'm not going to say whether or not the great Minka has ever fucked one of her fans, as she does in this scene, but I'm going to guess that she has. In other words, I'm saying that this scene is not entirely fictional. I will tell you that Ivan, the guy who fucks her in this scene, is a huge Minka fan. The lucky stiff, he's also a big fan of Brittany O'Neil, and he got to fuck her, too, in another scene that's on SCORELAND2 ("Brittany O'Neil Fucks Her Fan!"). The guy almost lost his load before the scene started when he found out Minka was his partner for the day. And not once but twice because we shoot the photo and video sets separately.

Minka in 'Giant Tits, Tight Tops'

Minka - Giant Tits, Tight Tops

There's only one Minka in the world, and she's been on top of the big-boobed world since her SCORE debut in 1994. As the world turned, Minka's boobs kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger. There have been other models who sought to capture her status as the biggest-breasted Asian on Earth, but their attempts didn't succeed. Now, you wouldn't know it if you talked to Minka because she's a hospitable and polite woman with a lot of integrity, but Minka is as competitive as they come. She's also very funny. If you've seen her interviews, there's a real comical side to her. When Dave and I talked to Minka for wraparound segments for the DVD that's devoted to her long career, Maximum Minka, we got Minka to express the badass side of her.