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Micky Bells in 'You Can Ring My Bells'

Micky Bells - You Can Ring My Bells

"With this new look, Micky Bells could easily be one top supermodel like Cindy Crawford! Micky is so beautiful!" writes Roberto. "Micky, you just keep getting better and better. I swear you are more beautiful every time I see you!! Please keep coming back," writes Rhah1. Micky was revealing about how she lost so much weight (approximately 24 pounds) while retaining her tone yet she was not detailed about her actual step-by-step regimen or her work-out techniques. She says avoiding junk food, sticking to wholesome, natural foods and getting more sleep was very important. While many miss her previous look, seen in On Location Puerto Vallarta and Montego Babes and in numerous TSG photo sets and videos, Micky is happy about her transformation and a happy model is a sexier model.

Micky Bells in 'Angel With A Red Dress On'

Micky Bells - Angel With A Red Dress On

"I don't dress to attract attention but I get it anyway," says Micky Bells, now ultra slim and still stacked after months of diet and exercise that have transformed her body. "I also stopped eating fast food and I sleep more. I feel quite good about all the attention people give me." "I hope all the guys still like me, but I don't know," Micky said. "Maybe there are some guys who liked me bigger, but I'm not worried. I know there will be others who will like me as I am now. Everything balances out, yes?" "I still go on cam but if I had not become a photo model, I would have not travelled to Puerto Vallarta in Mexico and Montego Bay, Jamaica, so modeling for SCORE has given me many opportunities to see the world and to meet other beautiful girls like Hitomi and Terri." .

Micky Bells in 'The Mirror Has Two Boobs'

Micky Bells - The Mirror Has Two Boobs

Micky's full-length mirror is put to very good use in this fresh pictorial and video. It's been four months since Micky unveiled her "new" body and the surprise and awe still hasn't worn off for many. Always confident of her powers, Micky seems even more confident and assured now. She was a goddess in Jamaica and Mexico and she's still a goddess--a slim and stacked one now. "Congrats to her and she looks great. This is how she looked when she came up on another big boobs website. She was a favorite of mine then with those beautiful hangers."-B.C.

Micky Bells in 'Hot Tub Bust Out'

Micky Bells - Hot Tub Bust Out

"A lot of girls can look somewhat 'deflated' after losing weight, but not Micky," writes Soulstroker. "She looks just like she did back when I first saw her. The only difference I can see is that her boobs, which were already huge back then, are even bigger now. Looks like she kept her XL weight in one very important and beneficial place. Yum!" Breast size, weight and shape can fluctuate depending on weight gain or weight loss and other body changes. Micky's body has managed to still retain a large percentage of her boob mass even with her radical slim-down. Her body looks tight and toned with none of the issues women have after dramatic weight loss. She's the covergirl of September '14 SCORE magazine, the annual naturals-only edition. Micky says she gets even more attention now than ever. "I was bigger all over and now my breasts are more noticeable because my body is smaller.

Micky Bells in 'Micky's Magic'

Micky Bells - Micky's Magic

Micky Bells' new look takes her out of XLGirls and V-mag and now places her 100% in SCORE magazine. She appears in September '14 SCORE, the annual all-natural edition. It's a remarkable transformation and a rare one. Usually it's the reverse with the model gaining boobage and buttage via added poundage. What have SCORELAND members noted? "I first saw Micky on another (now defunct) site with mostly eastern European models when she was probably just starting out (18/19?) and she was this same size. I loved her then, I loved her as an XL girl, and I love her now that she is back to SCORE/Voluptuous size. A lot of girls can look somewhat deflated after losing weight, but not Micky. She looks just like she did back when I first saw her."- Soulstroker "Micky Bells is one of my favs. She is still one of my faves. Love the new look."-Donald "OMFG! She is slim now! not an XL Girl anymore, but still she looks great! Congratulations, Micky! I know how hard it is to lose weight, but at the end you feel great."-Roberto.

Micky Bells in 'Micky In Latex'

Micky Bells - Micky In Latex

Micky Bells, the Queen of Cleavage, as we like to call her, returns to SCORELAND2 and absolutely bursts out of a Latex dress that can't possibly contain her. These days, a slimmed-down but still very busty Micky is showing off her new body at SCORELAND. Some guys like her thinner. Some guys like her plumper. Some guys like her any way, just the way she is at any particular time. Because you can't argue with those tits. I'm happy to report that even though Micky lost a lot of weight, she didn't lose a lot of boob. That's impressive for a natural.

Micky Bells in 'The New Look'

Micky Bells - The New Look

Your eyes are not tricking you. Micky Bells (On Location Puerto Vallarta) now has the slim and stacked body of a SCORE Girl! How did she accomplish this feat without losing her big boobs? Mickey says it was a slow transformation, a combination of diet and, later on, exercise, that's led to this remarkable change from an XLGirl body last year to the figure of a SCORE model. Needless to say, Micky needed to buy new clothes. It's a mindboggling change that Micky said took seven months to achieve. How will Micky's fans react? She might lose some XL Girls and V-mag fans but she'll gain fans from the slim and stacked crowd so things will eventually balance out. The important thing is that Micky is pleased and happy. Micky's first pictorial with her new look will appear in September '14 SCORE on-sale in June.

Micky Bells in 'The Magnificent Meeting'

Micky Bells - The Magnificent Meeting

There are two total breast goddesses in Europe. Because of federal restrictions in the U.S. since 2005, they, like other European models, cannot come to America and pose. While this law continues to be debated in the U.S. courts, these models must be photographed outside the country. This is the case with the super-natural superwomen Natalie Fiore and Micky Bells. We couldn't shoot them at our studio in Miami, Florida, so we flew them to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Micky Bells in 'Jingle your bells. It's Micky Bells!'

Micky Bells - Jingle your bells. It's Micky Bells!

So you woke up on Christmas morning, looked under the tree, started unwrapping your presents, and there they were again: same old socks. Same old shirts and electronic contraptions that you really have no use for. Boring, boring, boring, boring. Why couldn't anybody get you what you really wanted for the holidays/