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Mianna Thomas in 'Nineteen and super-stacked'

Mianna Thomas - Nineteen and super-stacked

Mianna Thomas is one of the bustiest naturals I've ever seen, and the fact that she was only 19 years old when these pictures and the video were shot absolutely boggles the mind. The fact that she fucked on-camera when she was only 18 years old and let porn studs cum all over her huge tits makes her even more-special. Elliot just said to me, "She was way underrated by the guys." I agree. I have no idea why she isn't considered one of the greatest naturals ever. She should be. Girls like her come along almost never.

Mianna Thomas in 'The Successor To Sammie Black Also Has Bang-em Style'

Mianna Thomas - The Successor To Sammie Black Also Has Bang-em Style

If you were a SCORE and Voluptuous reader in the late 1990s (or were one of the hundred or so on SCORE's Boob Cruise in 1998), you probably still remember the incredibly chesty Sammie Black. A black Brit, slim-and-stacked Sammie has huge, natural tits that could be delightly described as skullcrushers. Sammie dropped out of sight in the '00's and hasn't been heard from since.