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Melissa Manning in 'Centerpiece of Cleavage'

Melissa Manning - Centerpiece of Cleavage

Last time, Melissa Manning was a coed with a glass desk that made it transparently clear that she was Big-Boob Girl On Campus, but now Miss Manning goes glam and has a nice table prepared for you. Fancy! Wine is included. But there will be no time for wining and dining. Melissa is here to show you her rear and her supernatural delights. She is a true anatomy award winner. Shapely Melissa likes to role-play and modeling gives her the chance to do that and make a living also. But you know, that's a mighty long gown. It's a sin to cover up her statuesque form. So it's got to come off. That beautiful body should not be hidden.

Melissa Manning in 'American Boob Idol'

Melissa Manning - American Boob Idol

It was Melissa Manning's first day at SCORE, and she was somewhat nervous about posing. I can usually tell when a model is like that. She needn't have been.

Melissa Manning in 'After School Play'

Melissa Manning - After School Play

If every college campus had at least one coed who looked like Melissa Manning, our educational system would be so much the better. Melissa is the dream coed and yes, she was the bustiest girl in her school. All the boys offered to carry her big books while actually thinking of offering to carry her big boobs. When Melissa's not busy modeling and treating mankind to her super-sexy, killer body and natural suckable 38H hooters, she tries to find the time to watch hockey, her favorite sport, or catch up on her reading. When the Big Brother TV show is in season, Melissa watches it faithfully. Now this is a girl who should be a housemate on Big Brother. It would then actually be worth watching! Melissa tells us she always gets charged up when the latest SCORE or V-mag with one of her pictorials arrives in her mailbox or when a new set and video hits SCORELAND. Melissa is the reason why teachers give students dirty looks. Because they're jealous. As Melissa gets out of her schoolgirl costume and positions herself to display every inch of her luscious physique, she eyes the glass desk.

Melissa Manning in 'Bikini Bust-Out'

Melissa Manning - Bikini Bust-Out

Can this really be Melissa Manning's first bikini bust-out? This photo set and video of Melissa wearing a purple bikini make up for lost time. As catnip is to a cat, so too are Melissa's heavy humdingers to the breast lover in you. Melissa doesn't sport a heavy tan all over when compared to the whiteness of her tits. She's just tan enough for her pale boobs and butt cheeks to contrast with the rest of her sexy and bodacious bod. Melissa's very large and tawny areolae are also nicely contrasted against her white skin. Melissa squirts clear sun gel on her double bubbles and rubs the stuff in well. She doesn't want those precious pompoms to get sunburned and neither do we. The pictures in this set have a rich selection of different poses and angles both in the pool and out that display her ripe figure and beautiful face. Melissa Manning is the complete All-American knock-out. Michigan is indeed a great place to live and boob-watch.