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Alicia in 'Lesbians Alissa and Liza Share A Cumshot in a Hot Trio'

Alicia - Lesbians Alissa and Liza Share A Cumshot in a Hot Trio

Private Reality Video bring you Alissa & Liza in 'Singularity'! Lesbian action never gets better, the beautiful blonde Alissa opens her legs having Liza go down on her, licking her pussy until it is warm and wet. This chick loves to eat pussy! Alissa returns the favor, she caresses Liza's firm ass and then shoves her face into her pussy, licking her sweetly from behind. With their pussies wet and ready, they are joined by a hung stud who gets himself a double blowjob! Liza takes control, deep throating his dick before sitting on top and straddling him reverse cow girl style. The girls makeout while they are being pounded and Alissa sucks the pussy juice of his big cock giving him sensual head. Now it is Alissa's turn to fuck, she hops on top and slams her tight pussy on his dick. Time for some anal! Alissa bends over and has her ass split by soe hardcore anal thumps, taking his cock deep inside her perky firm butt. Finally, the girls go ATM and get a cumshot for two, sharing is caring.

Anita B in 'Cum Hungry Cuties Plowed In Plaid, Ready To Go Hard With Pussy And Ass'

Anita B - Cum Hungry Cuties Plowed In Plaid, Ready To Go Hard With Pussy And Ass

Anita B and Liza are two cute as fuck little chickadees looking to get hardcore! They've come out for a photoshoot, wearing matching plaid outfits to only add to their double-trouble cutie combo, but once you point a camera at these innocent looking chicks their inner sluts really come out and they just have to get nasty with it! Who could blame them for wanting to share their hot selves and incredible skills, because after all they're proud of the sluts they are and love performing for an audience! It doesn't take long at all before these two freaks are deep-throating, spitting, and of course spreading their asses wide to take a hard cock deep inside, taking turns getting pounded and then tasting each others ass juices with some lovely ass to mouth! These cuties are absolutely fuck sluts and this scene shows you how nasty they can get while being their natural cutie selves!

Tiffany Doll in 'Rip That Shit With Unbelievable Ass And Pussy Double Fist'

Tiffany Doll - Rip That Shit With Unbelievable Ass And Pussy Double Fist

If you've never seen Tiffany Doll in hardcore action you really just have to see her to believe it, and in this Fisting In Action update she goes further than ever before in her depraved ways! This brave slut puts both her pussy and tight ass on the line for the love of the fist, and she's always looking to "stretch her sexual boundaries", in this case getting her holes fist fucked by Clare and and Liza at the same time! Looking fine as hell in her floral design pants and high heels, this classy looking babe shows us what nasty fist action is all about, and her two partners in debauchery are also bloused up and ready to put on one hell of a fucked up fist pumping show! Get ready for some DP lesbian action that goes so hard that clothes, ass, and pussy get ripped up - see this dirty talkin' fist fucked slut in heat and get ready to explode all over the place!

Lindsay in 'Rub Down'

Lindsay - Rub Down

Beautiful blonde Lindsay has laid out her lover Liza on a massage table next to the pool. Using generous dollops of oil, she coats her woman's full ass and delectable shaved pussy until all of Liza's most sensitive parts are slick and wet.As soon as Liza's twat is well lubricated, Lindsay goes a step further and slides two stiff fingers deep into her woman's tight sheath. Her strokes are slow and steady, meant more for gradual pleasure than for a quick orgasm. It is soon evident that those touches are doing their intended job as Liza's moans fill the room.Dropping to her knees, Lindsay turns her woman over onto her back and settles between Liza's spread legs to bury her face in her soft sweet pussy. After licking and suckling on Liza's pink folds for a few minutes, Lindsay rises to her feet once again and drives her fingers hard and fast into her woman's needy hole until her orgasm breaks over her.Eager to return the pleasure, Liza helps Lindsay onto the table and immediately begins lapping her tongue up and down her lover's shaved pussy. Once the blonde is slick with her own juices and Liza's spit, her redheaded lover slides a thumb into her needy fuck hole and begins a slow seduction that gradually picks up speed.Soon the blonde contributes to her pleasure, giving her own pussy a good pussy while Liza rubs Lindsay's needy clit. Working together, the girls bring Lindsay to a panting moaning orgasm that leaves her exhausted and sated.

Liza in 'Waterpussy'

Liza - Waterpussy

Slutty teen Liza finally finds a way to cure the call of her lustful body by pouring a liter of water on it and masturbates