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Lana Ivans in 'The Special One'

Lana Ivans - The Special One

"This is one of the hottest girls score has ever put in front of a camera! Thanks SCORE and Lana for this beauty I have seen!" writes a SCORE Man. He knows talent when he sees her and he hits his keyboard to let everyone know. Lana has her own special brand of Euro-sexy, kittenish personality and happy-go-lucky style. She's enjoying the ride and savoring every minute. In a group atmosphere, she's Miss Popularity. We found that out in Portugal during the shooting of Big-Boob Finishing School and in the Dominican Republic. Romania is the undiscovered country for great babes with great tits. If you're in Romania, and you know a girl as stacked like Lana Ivans, tell her to visit The Boob Brotherhood is counting on you to love-bomb the world with Romanian knockers. .

Lana Ivans in 'How Lana Got Such Big Boobs'

Lana Ivans - How Lana Got Such Big Boobs

I might call this video, "Mostly all about Lana Ivans." It's stuffed with stuff. A conversation with Lana about her background so we can hear her sexy, teasing Romanian accent. I like how she pronounces the word cunnilingus. A nude body show. Titty play. Stripteasing. Pussy play. She was 21 year old at the time and brand-new. She contacted us directly when a friend told her about SCORE.

Lana Ivans in 'She's Walking Sex and It Comes Naturally'

Lana Ivans - She's Walking Sex and It Comes Naturally

There's sexy and then there's sexy as fucking-hell-pardon-my-boner sexy. Lana Ivans fits into the second level of sexy.