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Kylee Nash in 'Yoga-zongas!'

Kylee Nash - Yoga-zongas!

Christy Marks, who's one of the most-flexible girls I've ever seen (she could fuck in the pretzel position), once said, "I actually think that Kylee is more flexible than I am. She can do some things I can't." Kylee and Christy got together for a now-famous photo set at SCORELAND in which we explored the limits of their flexibility and discovered there were no limits. So Kylee in a yoga photo set and video like this one was a natural.

Kylee Nash in 'The Almost-Porn Star'

Kylee Nash - The Almost-Porn Star

In today's video, Kylee Nash is wearing a mesh top, super-tight booty shorts and fuck-me pumps. She contorts her body in all sorts of positions to show off her tits and very pink pussy (and inviting asshole, one of my favorites ever) and fucks herself with toys. She does all of this outdoors, which makes it even more special. Watching this video, I have to remind myself of how laid back and girl-next-doorish Kylee is in person, that she's never done a fuck film and that she once told me, "I like nerds, and I love body hair on guys. It definitely doesn't take big muscles and classic good looks to get me going. I like a man I can talk to."

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