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Kaytee Carter in 'Student Body'

Kaytee Carter - Student Body

All models should never be taken for granted, but Kaytee Carter is one of those girls you have to appreciate in the here and now and not expect to see in six months, a year or two years, thinking she will be modeling for a long time. She is exactly the kind of model we look for; one who comes to us through luck or because of someone she knows. She was recommended by a male friend who is a reader and knew she was right for SCORELAND. Kaytee checked out the magazine and wanted to try modeling. She'd never stripped in a club, wasn't an at-home cam-girl, had never gone to an amateur wet T-shirt contest, topless beach or nudist camp. So she contacted us.

Kaytee Carter in 'The Girl You Fall In Love With'

Kaytee Carter - The Girl You Fall In Love With

Girls like Kaytee Carter are one-in-a-million. I'm not saying that because she's a tall, blue-eyed blonde with natural I-cup tits, although the truth is, girls like that are one-in-a-million, too. I'm saying that because there's something about Kaytee that can easily make a guy fall in love (and, again, I'm not just talking about the way she looks, but that, too).