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Karina Hart in 'Karina's room-service rack'

Karina Hart - Karina's room-service rack

Checking into the world famous Hooter Hotel-an eastern European resort renowned for its service staff-we discover that the room service waitress looks remarkably like Karina Hart, one of the greatest models in SCORE history. Coincidence? Perhaps not. Karina proceeds to enter your room, eat your lunch, masturbate and put on a tit show for you. Normally, room service waitresses don't put on banana eating contests in your room. You know how corporate hotels are these days, but sometimes the old ways are still the best.

Karina Hart in 'You Can't Improve Perfection'

Karina Hart - You Can't Improve Perfection

Karina Hart is in her prime here. I don't have one favorite set or video of her. I love them all.

Karina Hart in 'Follow The Bouncing Boobs'

Karina Hart - Follow The Bouncing Boobs

I chose this Karina Hart for SCORELAND2 for several reasons.

Karina Hart in 'One Of The Greatest SCORE Girls In 20 Years'

Karina Hart - One Of The Greatest SCORE Girls In 20 Years

That Karina Hart would score high (#2) in the "20 for 20" voting for the 20 greatest models in SCORE history was easy to predict. She has always scored high in all of the various contests since her debut in 2008, when she was a Slovakian college student studying in the Czech Republic.

Karina Hart in 'If The Bra Doesn't Fit, You Must Acquit!'

Karina Hart - If The Bra Doesn't Fit, You Must Acquit!

For some people, their lasting memory of Karina Hart's week in a tiny town outside Budapest, Hungary for the "Busty Riding Academy" shoot in 2008 is her one-and-only tits-and-tugs scene, which appears in the DVD. Or maybe her fantasy-come-true scene in which she provides room service to a very lucky hotel guest in the DVD "Hooter Hotel."