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Kali West in 'Kali West's first anal'

Kali West - Kali West's first anal

The fact that Kali West gave some guy a blow job while I was sitting a foot away and didn't offer to give me a blow job did not at all influence the way I feel about her. I appreciated the fact that this pretty girl-next-door was willing to suck some guy's dick in my presence. I didn't feel cuckolded because I've never gone out with Kali, let alone gotten married to her. So it was okay. I did not feel left out. My cock did but not the rest of me.

Kali West in 'You Jack She Jills'

Kali West - You Jack She Jills

Recently, I got a letter from a longtime magazine reader, DVD buyer and occasional website member lamenting about all the hardcore today.

Kali West in 'SCOREtv Uncut and Uncensored'

Kali West - SCOREtv Uncut and Uncensored

Kali West. So sweet. So pretty. So charming. True girlfriend and wife material. When Kali comes to SCORE, she goes from good girl to bad girl. It's a total transfomation. Kali hangs with SCOREtv editor Dave and talks about what makes her tick and what makes her lick. Stuntcock Shaggy is wheeled out for Kali to practice on. Then they head off to a more private room for some sexin'.

Kali West in 'Baby Got Black Up Her Butt Crack'

Kali West - Baby Got Black Up Her Butt Crack

Kali West was only 20 years old when she first came to SCORELAND in 2009, fresh-faced and busty from sunny South Florida, looking to add some spice to her life after suffering through the usual series of boring office and waitress jobs that plague the youth of the world and threaten to rob them of the spark that makes them so vibrant and exciting in the first place.

Kali West in 'From girl-next-door to busty stripper'

Kali West - From girl-next-door to busty stripper

"If a guy can make me happy, it turns me on, and then I want to make him happy," Kali West once told us. "I want to put a smile on his face, too!"