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Jenna Valentine in 'Our funny Valentine'

Jenna Valentine - Our funny Valentine

I could tell you something about Jenna Valentine...California girl...goth chick...Valley Girl...SCORE and Voluptuous girl since 2009. But this time, let's hear from her. Jenna is a regular reader of and contributor to the SCORELAND Blog, and not only did she once write a Blog entry (during the On Location Grand Bahama shoot), but she has chimed in several times with her opinions, personal likes and dislikes and other assorted things. Here are some of the things Jenna has had to say.

Jenna Valentine in 'Jack To Jenna Valentine. Fer Sure!'

Jenna Valentine - Jack To Jenna Valentine. Fer Sure!

I have to admit: the first time I met Jenna Valentine in 2010, I was afraid of her. You see, Jenna is a Goth girl, and she had a Goth look, and from my experiences, Goth girls can be a little tough, especially on guys who are going all googly-eyed about how they look.