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Janet Jade in 'Body Sundae'

Janet Jade - Body Sundae

Is a busty beauty covering herself with whipped cream and sprinkles and licking herself off something you find nutritional? If yes, then you'll love seeing Janet turn her work of art body into a female sundae.

Janet Jade in 'Tits and Tugs'

Janet Jade - Tits and Tugs

Janet Jade is not just a girl who looks like the girl-next-door. She is the girl-next-door. Janet has that deer-in-the-headlights look in her eyes that all men love. But we guys are a distracted lot. It's not our fault. It's the hard-wiring in the brain. So we tend to drift our line of sight to Janet's other amazing attribute. That's why she's often worn a T-shirt over her 44-inches of pleasure with the words, "My eyes are up here." Now suppose Janet knocked on your apartment door after locking herself out of hers. Far-fetched, you think? Hey, she's got to live next to someone. Why not you? Now suppose she asked to hang out at your place? Sat on your bed.

Janet Jade in 'Sweatin' With The Titties'

Janet Jade - Sweatin' With The Titties

Janet Jade is one of those girls who defies words. Even Christy Marks, SCORELAND's Model of the Decade for 2000-09, was bowled over by Janet and her full, heavy, swinging DDD-cup naturals that make her a great SCORE Girl and big, round booty that makes her a great BootyLicious girl, too.

Janet Jade in 'Made In Detroit'

Janet Jade - Made In Detroit

When Janet Jade washes a car, the tit-men come out of the hills and from the valleys to watch. Not that they'll get the kind of car wash show that Janet does for SCORE in one of her best videos.

Janet Jade in 'A Handy Beauty To Have At Your Side'

Janet Jade - A Handy Beauty To Have At Your Side

That's not my dick Janet Jade is tit-fucking and jerking off in the (pardon the expression) handful of tits and tugs videos and corresponding photos she has done. Men's magazine editors are duty-bound to keep their pants on; in case you're wondering how the process works and want to apply for an editorial job. We're professionals. So, in this scene, that is, in fact, the cock of JMac, one of the professional penis models who acts as our surrogate in these point-of-view scenes so we can all experience the action virtually. So I wasn't there. Beside Janet and JMac, the cameraman was the only other person in the room.

Janet Jade in 'Boob Depot'

Janet Jade - Boob Depot

There are two Janet Jades. There's the girl from Detroit, Michigan, who walked into our studio in 2008 wearing a denim skirt and a simple top, seemingly shy, talking in her babydoll voice and wondering why in the world anybody would want to take pictures of her for a men's magazine and an adult website.