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Isis Haze in 'Casino de Cleavage'

Isis Haze - Casino de Cleavage

Isis Haze was discovered by Ricky, one of our longtime SCORE guys, a magazine reader who sailed on the Boob Cruise several times and makes strip clubs his second home. I was on two Boob Cruises with him. The Boob Cruises made him take up photography and now he goes to strip clubs around the USA to photograph dancer contests and events, often with show emcee Tony Batmann.

Isis Haze in 'Backseat Driver'

Isis Haze - Backseat Driver

I have some news for you: You might think you know a SCORE Girl when you see one, but you probably don't. I'm not talking about seeing them on the website in photos or videos. I'm talking about out and about. You might be out shopping and see a girl with huge boobs, and you might say to yourself, "She's big enough for SCORE." Well, I've got news for you: She probably isn't.

Isis Haze in 'Pole vaulting to the SCORE Studio'

Isis Haze - Pole vaulting to the SCORE Studio

First, I'd like to extend congratulations to Isis Haze, who got into a contest frame of mind and has been burning up strip-club stages in the Midwest the past two years. Isis won the "Hottest Brunette" and "Best Boobs" awards at the Miss Nude Wisconsin contest at Grand Daddy's, a totally nude club in Schoefield, Wisconsin (the photos are at SCORELAND).