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Havik in 'Monte's First Cock On Camera'

Havik - Monte's First Cock On Camera

Please welcome Monte Cooper to the Aussie Ass team. The gorgeous babe from the sunny side of Australia has just shot her first ever boy girl sex scene and the lucky guy who had the pleasure was Havik. These guys really connected, like literally connected as high thick cock ploughed deep inside her gorgeous pierced pussy. And if watching this stunning babe have sex with a guy on camera for the first time ever isnt enough, she also squirted for the first time ever!! Like literally this is the first time this smoking babe has ever squirted and its all on camera! You can be sure that you will be seeing plenty more of Monte in the near future..

Anne Melbourne in 'Cumming Deep Inside Her Pink Pussy'

Anne Melbourne - Cumming Deep Inside Her Pink Pussy

It started off as a couple of friends just having a shower together but lets be honest, when your naked in a shower with a babe as hot as Anne of course things are going to get a little steamy. Havik and Anne start off with a passionate kiss before reaching in between each others legs to see what they can play with. Havik then lays Anne on her back and goes to work on making her dripping pussy even more wet. After a bit of foreplay he reaches for his massive knob and places it on her tight hole. After a bit of pushing and prodding his thick shaft begins to force its way in through her lips and into her insanely tight gash. They then fuck hard in the bathroom before heading to the bed where he finishes by unloading his creamy goo inside her pussy and then she spreads it allowing us to watch the warm liquid drip out..

Havik in 'A Hard Workout'

Havik - A Hard Workout

It was just a normal day at the gym with Madison working on her tight body with the help of her personal trainer Havik. At the end of the workout Havik was helping her stretch just like normal only this time he got a little to close and she just couldn't help herself..!

Anne Melbourne in 'Stripper Problems'

Anne Melbourne - Stripper Problems

Havik was at home trying to watch his new porn DVD when there was a knock on the door. Randomly it was two hot strippers who were booked to do there show for a party. Unfortunately there was no party at Havik's place but he was happy to pay them for there trouble as long as they put on a good show!!

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