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Goldie Blair in 'The Blair Tits Project'

Goldie Blair - The Blair Tits Project

"I've had big tits since I was 13 and a D-cup. Guys ogle me and make comments," says Goldie Blair, back at SCORELAND after six years. "I will hear things like 'Are those heavy? Can I help hold them up?' Most of the time I zone out so I'm used to it." "I usually wear a bra unless strappy tops or dresses hold me tight enough without a bra. I love to show them off but whatever I wear there's no hiding these puppies." As mentioned the last time Goldie was here, Goldie is into such psycho-sexual fetish activities like bondage and domination. (In some countries, they call that marriage.) She likes wrestling, being hogtied, dildo-machines, face-sitting and so on. Well, Goldie's English so that accounts for some of these interests. We'll have to ask Goldie one day if women who like bondage make good wives. With these interests, she's qualified to also teach girls' physical education classes.

Goldie Blair in 'Goldie's rub out'

Goldie Blair - Goldie's rub out

When Goldie Blair made her international magazine debut in the July 2002 issue of Naughty Neighbors, she had blonde hair and nice, but not SCORE-sized, tits. She had been working in a clothing store, and although she shed every stitch of what she was wearing, she seemed to be one of those girls who'd pose once for fun and then move on with her life.

Goldie Blair in 'Jiggly Jizz Jerker'

Goldie Blair - Jiggly Jizz Jerker

Remember your school days when a girl might masturbate or blow you but not give you pussy? If she had really big tits, she might have squeezed your meat between 'em if she was adventurous and open to it. I knew a busty girl who would only let guys fuck her big tits, never her pussy. She was saving that for her future husband.