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Felecia in 'Heat Scene 3'

Felecia - Heat Scene 3

When a con man finds himself stranded in a small southern town, he discovers more than he bargained for. Sultry Charlotte (Stormy) puts out the welcome matt and shows this trickster some Southern hospitality. But just when he thinks he's found his next victim, Charlotte pulls the rug out from under him. Has the conman been conned by a southern belle If you can't stand the Heat, get out of the kitchen...

Felecia in 'Secrets of the Velvet Ring Scene 5'

Felecia - Secrets of the Velvet Ring Scene 5

Meet Nadia (Stormy) a beautiful and successful woman with a hearty appetite for pleasure. Nadia is the founder of the Velvet Ring, a unique club that takes the fantasies of women to the next level and beyond. As the popularity of Nadia's exclusive sex club for women grows, Nadia soon discovers that when it comes to sex, inhibition is definitely the key to success. The Velvet Ring, leave your inhibitions at the door...

Felecia in 'Cargo Scene 5'

Felecia - Cargo Scene 5

Stormy plays Meghan Baxter, a beautiful, young, stubborn, pain in the butt, spoiled rotten and rebellious stepdaughter of a politician. Always clashing with her stepfather, Meghan decides to run away from home and pursue a career in Chicago as an artist, her true passion. As Meghan sneaks out of her room, a man waits in the darkness, drugs her and places her in the trunk of her sports car. The kidnapper walks away and seconds later another man approaches the car and steals it. When Meghan comes to a couple of hours later, the car thieves realize not only have they stolen a car, but they have also kidnapped the politician's daughter, which definitely wasn't part of the plan. The car thieves decide to "keep" Meghan and ask for ransom. One of the car thieves (J.T.) finds himself smitten with Meghan and he consistently asks his partner (Bruce) to release Meghan. Unfortunately, Bruce only sees dollar signs and refuses to let Meghan go. As the days pass, Meghan and J.T. grow closer and love blooms between them. What Meghan and J.T. soon discover is that love can bloom in the most unlikely circumstances.