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Elle Flynn in 'Creaming For Elle'

Elle Flynn - Creaming For Elle

Elle Flynn is super-hot. If you have seen her previous SCORELAND scenes, you know it to be true. A bartender and girl-next-door, Elle knows how to shake a guy up and not even Tarzan is impervious to her charms, her big all-natural tits and her heated sexuality. Elle's returned from that female hobby that men dread. The shopping afternoon. But Elle's been shopping for new, sexy bras so it's all good. Her great big tits deserve to be supported by the best bras a bra-buster can find. Elle tries on each bra for her bosom bud and every time, he makes a play for her hooters, sucking, rubbing or shaking them. A man would have to be in a coma not to play with them if he was sitting on a couch with her while Elle Flynn puts on a bra show. She's a tent-pitcher.

Elle Flynn in 'Tits-A-Palooza!'

Elle Flynn - Tits-A-Palooza!

Elle Flynn is one of the horniest babes to visit these Hallowed Halls of Hooters. She took to the action at SCORE immediately and all-in. Whether in single play or boner bounce, erotically sensuous or get-down nasty, Elle is red hot and loves the pleasures a woman can get. She's dressed in black lingerie for a Tits-A-Palooza in bed with lots of noisy nipple sucking and tit-fucking. Ready to bang Rocky into the next room and get her cookies baked, Elle is a tit-man's dreamgirl satisfying her desires and yours. "I usually have sex four times a week. I just love getting fucked with a curved dick while I play with my clit," says Elle with a wicked smile. She has high praise for Rocky's high hard one buried inside her and goes really wild when he loads her mouth. This is Elle's fourth hump and pump at SCORELAND and she's a natural at it, just being herself, in the tradition of Daylene Rio, Kelly Christiansen and Rachel Love.

Elle Flynn in 'Oil 'Em and Fuck 'Em'

Elle Flynn - Oil 'Em and Fuck 'Em

The editor of Voluptuous magazine, a guy who has met thirteen years' worth of big-busted models does flips over Elle Flynn. "The most exciting time at V-mag is when a lovely and busty newcomer walks through our hallowed hall of hooters to flaunt her body to the world for the first time," he writes in April '14 V-mag. "Elle is one of those girls who got the attention of big and little heads when we met her. Especially when we found out how sweet, bubbly and smart she is." This is Elle's third hardcore scene and she says she really enjoys doing them as well as hot solo modeling. That's not surprising after seeing her handle the high, hard one. (Two high, hard ones in her very first boy-girl Elle's First XXX.) You're heard of soap girls in Asian countries? This scene is about a body glide girl. Girls who put oil or gel on their boobs and bodies and roll over you, for starters. Sometimes it's called a "mazola rolla." Tony wants a body glide girl to come over and glide the hell out of him. Specifically, a body glide girl with giant gazongas. Massive melons.

Elle Flynn in 'Sin Like Flynn'

Elle Flynn - Sin Like Flynn

It's pretty amazing that newcomer Elle Flynn's first-ever hardcore scene was a rough sex party with two SCORE studs. (Equally amazing was newcomer Angel Wicky's first scene, a double-penetration three-way.) Elle lives a robust sex life and threesomes are not new to her. She was very natural on-camera when they were manhandling her. Many longtime models are nowhere near as adventurous. Elle is a girl who loves big boobs, and by default, that makes her a girl we love. "I love my tits," says Elle. "I love the shape, I like my nipples and my areolae. I think everything about them is just perfect. I've had these babies a long time. I developed very early.

Elle Flynn in 'Elle Flynn's Creampie Art Class'

Elle Flynn - Elle Flynn's Creampie Art Class

Back for her second hardcore shebang, Elle Flynn goes from artistic captive to captivating artiste in Elle Flynn's Creampie Art Class. Elle is sketching Carlos in an art class when he comes by to inspect her illustration. There is no one in the classroom, leaving them free to have at each other in hot and wet sex play. Elle and Carlos go down south on each other after Carlos enjoys Elle's fantabulous tits and they make the table shake and quake when they begin fucking. This real-life DDD-cup busty bartender is an earthy sex goddess who holds nothing back and took to making photos and videos like she'd been dreaming of doing it for years. She loves showing her bust to people and loves being checked out. "People love my big boobs," Elle says. "That makes me feel so hot. I love big boobs. I love my boobs.

Elle Flynn in 'Elle Shakes 'Em'

Elle Flynn - Elle Shakes 'Em

Get to know 36DDD newcomer Elle Flynn up-close and personal in her first sexy chat and big boob show. Miss Flynn wiped out two studs in her very first boy-girl, a three-way roughie sex fest that was way-out to the extreme. "I love my cleavage so I often wear low-cut tops," says Elle, a terrific self-sucker of her heavy and pliable breastesses. She'll be showing more of that soft, ample cleavage and a lot more in this video meet and greet. A bartender, Elle shows how she serves 'em up. TSG editor Dave hands Elle a shaker set and lets her do her thing. You can visit many bars but try to find any bartenders built with a natural rack like Elle has. Good luck in finding any! "I'm pretty good at trivia," Elle also says. "I plan to be on Jeopardy one day." Given that cue, Elle also plays the SCORE version of Jeopardy in this naked web-chat. Here's one Elle wrote in her boob-bio.

Elle Flynn in 'Elle's First XXX'

Elle Flynn - Elle's First XXX

Elle Flynn's first boy-girl hardcore scene is a rough and tumble, take-no-prisoners session with two punishing cocksmen, the most extreme scene shot since Big Tit Gloryhole with Daphne Rosen and Danielle Derek. Elle says she likes biting and a bit of hair pulling during sex. She described one of her sexual fantasies. "I would like to be ravished in the woods, like a scene from a horror flick." Elle gets to play out some of that ravishment fantasy, not in the woods, but in a creepy basement straight out of a Halloween house. "I like being tied up," Elle said. "A taste of the rough stuff is fun." Bound to a chair, dressed in a tight, partly-buttoned blouse and tight mini-skirt, Elle is at the mercy of two dudes out to transform her into their perfect sex doll. They release her from her binds and strip her naked only to redress her in a dancer's skimpy cage dress that exposes everything. Her big boobs. Her pussy. Her ass.

Elle Flynn in 'Fresh and Sexy'

Elle Flynn - Fresh and Sexy

Oww! Who have we here? This babe is packing big boobs and those headlights are juicy all-naturals with sensational shape and suckable nipples. She is smokin' and very sexy. New Discovery Elle Flynn discovered us first. She saw SCORE on the net and talked to her boyfriend about the idea of modeling. Now she's here for your busty pleasure. Elle is a bartender back home. Yes, a busty bartender. Elle will tell all about being a busty bartender and a lot more as she shoe-horns her twin peaks into a selection of cup-holders laid out before her. After Elle has tried on her favorite bras, she slips off her boy-shorts and opens her legs wide to show you her sweet spot. And since Elle is nice enough to spread her legs, she gives herself a hand.

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