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Destiny Rose in 'Destiny and Kaytee in More To Fuck'

Destiny Rose - Destiny and Kaytee in More To Fuck

What do you do when you have six girls for a XXX DVD but one of the girls doesn't want to fuck on-camera?

Destiny Rose in ''But Professor, I'm A Stripper!''

Destiny Rose - 'But Professor, I'm A Stripper!'

In this scene, cute, curvy and voluptuous Destiny Rose goes to see her professor about her grades. She tells him that her bad grades aren't the result of partying instead of studying. But she's been dancing at a strip club at night for tuition money. When the professor acts surprised, Destiny says, "Don't act like you don't know. I've seen you at the club twice this week already."

Destiny Rose in ''Are You Ready For Your Sponge Bath''

Destiny Rose - 'Are You Ready For Your Sponge Bath'

When Ohio cutie Destiny Rose first came to SCORELAND in July 2009, she didn't do hardcore. Seven months later, she still wasn't fucking guys on-camera, but we wanted her to appear in the feature film More To Fuck so much that we paired her with Kaytee Carter for a girl-girl scene. Well, something happened during that shoot. Destiny saw all the other girls in that movie fucking guys, got turned on, went home, thought about it some more and decided to go all-the-way the next time she returned to our studio. That was in September 2011, and the movie you're about to see was Destiny's second boy-girl.

Destiny Rose in 'Sex Toys and Anal'

Destiny Rose - Sex Toys and Anal

The first time Destiny Rose came to SCORELAND, she had never professionally modeled. Yet the exotic dancer from a small town in Ohio took to the camera easily, like she had been posing for years. Maybe it was the way she treated the camera like it was the front row of customers at her club, or maybe it was the natural, easygoing style that this curvy, redheaded hottie has in abundance in addition to her 38DDDs.