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Daylene Rio in 'Daylene goes deep'

Daylene Rio - Daylene goes deep

Daylene Rio, one of my favorite SCORE Girls, has been a frequent returnee at SCORELAND2, and this scene is one of her best. I say that because in this scene, Daylene really treats the cock right, getting as much of it into her mouth and slobbering all over it, and it's not because the cock is small, because it isn't. It's Tony D.'s long, thick, curved cock, and Daylene seems to take its size as a challenge. I don't know. I didn't ask her. I should have.

Daylene Rio in 'Sweater Girl'

Daylene Rio - Sweater Girl

It's always a great pleasure to have Daylene Rio at SCORE. She comes all the way from California. This year we added a special touch by taking Daylene out to the famous Haulover Beach in North Miami, a patch of sand and surf that's known around the world as one of the best clothing-optional beaches. Daylene caused a stir and a whole lot more even in her bikini. Walking around naked drew a flock of followers you don't see in the photos and video because we kept them out of camera-sight. But they were there! It's not every day that you see Daylene Rio naked in public. It's not every day that you see anyone remotely stacked as Daylene in clothing. Not even at a nearby mall, where Daylene shopped for sweaters. Nice, tight, low-cut sweaters. The kind a tit-man loves to see a busty woman squeeze into.

Daylene Rio in 'Daylene's Day At Haulover Beach'

Daylene Rio - Daylene's Day At Haulover Beach

For a change of pace, Daylene Rio hopped into the SCORE mobile and traveled to Haulover Beach north of Miami Beach, a stretch of sand and surf that's famous for its family-friendly "clothing-optional" hospitality. Haulover beachgoers are normally nonchalant about other people's nakedness but Daylene was attracting attention from the word go whether she kept her bikini on or not. A nude dancer back home in Los Angeles, Daylene is always very comfortable being naked and she was equally comfortable at Haulover. In the video, Daylene explains her personal philosophy about public nudity. Anyone who saw Daylene on this day at Haulover should consider themselves very fortunate! It's not every day of the week that a famous SCORE Girl and XXX Performer of the Year award winner strolls the sands and plays in the surf totally starkers! And now you have the video and photos to enjoy for years to come. Thank you, Daylene Rio!

Daylene Rio in 'Happy Hour'

Daylene Rio - Happy Hour

Daylene Rio (XXXtreme Daylene on DVD) is here. Get happy. She's what it's all about. It's happy hour. Her shaking will stir your swizzle stick. Find your happy seat. If time were frozen for a day and Daylene could do anything, what would she do? "I'd jump in a hot tub and relax or I'd find a bunch of men to keep me warm." How would Daylene spend a million dollars? "I would help a lot of homeless families and donate to cancer charities and animal shelters. Then I'd help my closest family members and buy the home and car of my dreams." What makes Daylene extra-horny? "A lot of foreplay and very good oral, and lots of surprises." .

Daylene Rio in 'Sucker for a hard-on'

Daylene Rio - Sucker for a hard-on

Now here's something you don't see too often: Daylene Rio without a cock in her mouth or pussy. A girl doesn't win SCORE Hardcore Performer of the Year without practicing a lot. I actually walked in once on Daylene fucking in the studio. She had a cock in her pussy and invited me over to shoot some video for the SCORELAND Blog. She seemed like she was happy to see me. I was flattered considering that some guy already had his dick in her.

Daylene Rio in 'Daylene and Sara's Big Juggy Adventure'

Daylene Rio - Daylene and Sara's Big Juggy Adventure

I was extra excited about this pairing of Daylene Rio and Sara Jay because they're two of the nastiest, do-anything girls (although they don't go for anal fucking) and they always look like they're having fun. They're in the moment in their fuck videos. And they're very friendly, nice girls.

Daylene Rio in 'Busty Latina Heat'

Daylene Rio - Busty Latina Heat

Daylene Rio, an ultra-horny mamacita who could light your cigar just by touching the tip, is hot for more sex as always. One of the great fuck stars of SCORE, Daylene's rounded ass is also hotter than ever. The brunette boom-boom babe's put on some weight in all the right places including her bum-bum. Check out the SCORELAND Blog. (Search Daylene Rio.) She talks about this extra boobage and buttage in a Blog video. Daylene is paired with Big Pike in this set called "Busty Latina Heat." A woman like Daylene deserves a thick pipe fucking her pussy and mouth and Pike has fucked some SCORE hotties before such as Denise Derringer and Alexis Silver but never got to lay the wood to Daylene, a Mamazon who can fuck until her partner's precious bodily fluids are tapped out. This is the ultimate fate for Pike when he fills Daylene's mouth and pussy-hole and gives her peaks-of-plenty a prick-poking. .

Daylene Rio in 'Latina Goddess of Boobs and Booty'

Daylene Rio - Latina Goddess of Boobs and Booty

You know her, you love her. Daylene Rio (XXXtreme Daylene) is back and takes no prisoners as usual. Actually, we stand corrected. She did take a prisoner in her sex scene in Mamazon as the horny jungle witch doctor. And now Daylene's former prisoner is back to turn the tables on her. This is the first re-match of stud J Mac and Daylene since they fucked in Mamazon. It's an epic rumble once again but not in the jungle. Do you notice anything different about Daylene since her last appearance? You should notice something right away in the first photo of her subjecting that tight tank-top to dangerous stress levels. Once J Mac has reacquainted himself with Daylene's torrid, superhot body and given her the boobhound inspection, it's time to feed her the cock. Daylene gets busy, sloppily deep throating it, sucking his balls and burying the shaft between her enormous tits.

Daylene Rio in 'Daylene Rio, Busty 'n' Wet'

Daylene Rio - Daylene Rio, Busty 'n' Wet

This video was shot in 2007, the first time Daylene Rio visited SCORELAND. She had not yet become well-known in the porn world and was a SCORE newcomer who would attract a lot of attention and appreciation from readers and SCORELAND members. Who could blame them? Busty, sexy Latinas are always appreciated, and Daylene is as sexy as they come. The girl loves to fuck. She told us, "Me being the sexual person that I am, doing porn came very natural to me."

Daylene Rio in 'and June Summers: Two For One'

Daylene Rio - and June Summers: Two For One

The idea of Daylene Rio and June Summers as strippers does not, for me, seem out-of-character, and I mean that in the most-positive way possible. It does not take a great stretch of the imagination to see Daylene and/or June standing on the street corner in the wrong part of town, waving down Johns and giving them blow jobs in the front seat or a little 50/50 action in a seedy motel. Daylene and June just ooze, "Want to fuck?" and there's no getting around that.

Daylene Rio in 'You Can Learn Something From A Girl Like Daylene'

Daylene Rio - You Can Learn Something From A Girl Like Daylene

I have a thing for Daylene Rio. I think she knows because one time I conducted an interview with her while she was sitting on my lap and grinding her ass into my crotch, and, well, something came up. I can tell you that this was the one and only time that a model asked if she could sit on my lap during an interview. I couldn't say no, might have offended her, ya know, and that wouldn't have been professional.