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Contessa Rose in 'in Boob Science'

Contessa Rose - in Boob Science

"I like as much sex as I can get," said Contessa Rose, a dancer from Georgia. "Usually two to six times a week is good for me. I like going from soft and sensual to hot and heavy all in one session. I'm in no rush to finish. The more orgasms, the better."

Contessa Rose in 'Contessa's First Fuck'

Contessa Rose - Contessa's First Fuck

"I'm an exhibitionist," says Contessa Rose, whose first XXX video was for the SCORELAND special "First Fuxxx." "Anything that involves the outdoors or groups of people or even one guy watching me turns me on. Having real sex with a guy in front of a camera knowing that lots of people will be watching is an even hotter fantasy come true. It's way different than having sex in private at home. It's difficult to explain in words. The energy is so different, more naughty and forbidden. Before I did it, I was thinking and fantasizing about it. Also the idea that people are watching my every move is very exciting."