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Cindy Cupps in 'Cindy four ways'

Cindy Cupps - Cindy four ways

This is a compilation of four short Cindy Cupps videos shot on the same day in 2002. It's one of Cindy's first SCORE videos. She dances, plays with her fantastic body, does rope self-bondage, sticks three toys in her mouth, pussy and between her big tits (called air-tight toying) and sucks on a liquid-filled dildo-cock sticking out of the photographer's fly until it spurts sticky stuff on her big jugs. This was five years before Cindy did her one and only Tits & Tugs scene with a real cock.

Cindy Cupps in 'Crystal and Cindy's Big Tit Adventure'

Cindy Cupps - Crystal and Cindy's Big Tit Adventure

Both Crystal Gunns and Cindy Cupps are retired from dancing and modeling, so it's been off-putting for me not to see them in the SCORE building anymore. As Dave will tell you, they've been here so many times since 2001 that sometimes it felt like they were part of the staff. I rarely list favorite SCORE Girls because I think an editor should be impartial, but I'll admit they are two of my all-time favorites and I thought they retired too soon. I mean, they could have waited until they were 50 or so. What's the rush?

Cindy Cupps in 'Cindy Gives Herself A Lotta Love'

Cindy Cupps - Cindy Gives Herself A Lotta Love

"I don't flaunt what I have," Cindy Cupps once told me. "I walk around in regular clothing. If guys stare at me, they stare at me. If guys think I'm hot, great. It's great for my self-esteem, but it's not like I'm walking around with a big chip on my shoulder, like, 'Oh, I'm hot.' I don't do that."