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Christy Marks loves to fuck. I've never seen a girl, especially one so young (she was just 19 years old when this scene was shot), who's so in love with the cock. I mean, this is a girl who, just moments after being fucked on-camera, was prowling the hallways of our castle in Hungary looking for more cock to fuck. Finding it, too.

Christy Marks in 'Phone sex with the model of the decade'

Christy Marks - Phone sex with the model of the decade

You may think that old-school phone sex in this era of Internet web-cam girls and Skype is a dead thing. What if I told you that a full-page phone sex ad called Dark Juggs has been published continuously in SCORE for over 13 years, if not more? Phone sex, or audio text as it's blandly called by its operators, is far from obsolete.

Christy Marks in 'A Little Christy Tug'll Do Ya.'

Christy Marks - A Little Christy Tug'll Do Ya.

Now this is the kind of date that SCORE guys dream of having. A little time spent on the pool table with a babe and a half like Christy Marks and then letting the brunette stunner yank your crank until she pops your stick. I love the faces she makes and the look in her eyes when she's jerking the joystick. There's a lot of "I shouldn't be doing this but I like it too much."

Christy Marks in 'Four-way fuckers at the Busty Riding Academy'

Christy Marks - Four-way fuckers at the Busty Riding Academy

Here's one of the most unlikely pairings ever: American Christy Marks and Czech Terry Nova. The pairing isn't unusual because one girl is American and the other is Czech (although 20 years ago, you never would have seen anything like this) or because Terry is a big-bodied Amazonian while Christy is much more petite (her tits are really the only big part of her body). The pairing is unusual because two girls couldn't be more different: Christy, the horny teen who was always on the prowl for cock from the second we arrived at our estate in the Hungarian countryside (where this scene was filmed); Terry, the shy girl who never said much...although, now that I think about it, maybe Terry only seemed shy because she didn't speak English and we didn't speak Czech.

Christy Marks in 'It's Christy's wedding night, and you're the groom!'

Christy Marks - It's Christy's wedding night, and you're the groom!

Christy Marks is one of the "20 for 20" girls in SCORE's 20th anniversary issue (June '12) and #3 in SCORELAND's "20 for 20" voting. She was voted the #1 model of 2000-2009. She was voted 2007 Newcomer of the Year and 2008 Model of the Year. When guys write in to muse about "falling in love" with a model, they're writing about girls like Christy.

Christy Marks in 'Fucks Again!'

Christy Marks - Fucks Again!

We had just arrived in Eleuthera in The Bahamas, and our boat had pulled up at the dock at Gun Point near Spanish Wells. No sooner had I gotten off the boat than I heard, "Hey, Mr. Dave, come on in!" It was Christy Marks, floating in the if she had a choice. Those H-cup naturals were natural floatation devices.

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