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Chica in 'A Busty Island Girl Who Loves Fucking For An Audience'

Chica - A Busty Island Girl Who Loves Fucking For An Audience

SCORE has been traveling to the Dominican Republic since 2004. The climate is tropical, the locations are spectacular, there's no congestion and the women are even more phenomenal than the scenery. Our recent trips there were to see Miosotis, Kristina Milan and Vanessa Del, but when we saw Chica, we wanted her, too.

Chica in 'Cum Together'

Chica - Cum Together

Dave wanted me to tell him a story about a time that i was really turned on. one that popped into my mind was a time shortly after we started dating when he brought a gift over to my place. i thought it was something like jewelry but when i looked into the bag i was surprised to see it was a vibrator! i never had or used a sex toy up until this point and was excited. anyway, that's a whole other story for another time. but, this got me thinking about one of the many toys that i have now in my collection.

Chica in 'Finger Food'

Chica - Finger Food

I got my fingers nice and wet in this update when i used them deep in my pussy to get right on my g-spot. during some intense finger banging i had to take a few breaks in between to lick them clean. i've never tasted another pussy before but if they taste as good as mine does then i think i would really enjoy it.

Chica in 'Fishnet Grind'

Chica - Fishnet Grind

I've been grinding on things for as long as i can remember. it's how i learned how to masturbate and nothing makes me cum as fast. i started masturbating at an early age by grinding on stuffed animals and here i am doing my thing on a big pink dildo! i have to say, the dildo feels alot better than my teddy bear did…lol

Chica in 'Marine Cream'

Chica - Marine Cream

After the marine corps graduation last week in san diego i bought a few shirts including the tank top i'm wearing for this camshow. this camshow is dedicated to all those horny young men who have been training hard and haven't gotten laid in three months…young and full of cum!

Chica in 'Sundress Creampie'

Chica - Sundress Creampie

I finally got a chance to wear my new sundress that i bought on our san diego trip and dave got to pump a big load into my pussy so it was a win-win-win! i know, i got two “wins” but i'm the chick and that's how it goes…lol

Chica in 'Kitchen Kink'

Chica - Kitchen Kink

There was a little more than cooking going on in our kitchen today! while doing some cleaning in the kitchen dave approached me with that horny look he gets when he's about to molest me. Iit started out as a harmless kiss but soon turned into me sprawled out on the counter and him eating my pussy. after i came he stuck that fat cock in me and pumped me until i came again. I wanted to feel his cock in my hand when it unloaded so i milked him all over my thigh and then cleaned up the rest with my tongue…mmmm, sperm snack!

Chica in 'Reverse Rocker'

Chica - Reverse Rocker

I've been spending alot of time on my new monkey rocker and found the best way to get full access to my clit is to ride it backwards. this is a win-win because you guys get the best view also…yeah! I had a mind blowing orgasm this time and almost went into convulsions, someone call 911…lol

Chica in 'Stocking Cream'

Chica - Stocking Cream

I made a real mess in this video but i know that's the way you guys like it! You can always tell when i'm having a great orgasm by how creamy my pussy gets and this one was mind blowing!

Chica in 'Wonder Woman'

Chica - Wonder Woman

Does wonder woman swallow? you're about to find out that this one does! the evil cock menace “scorpion” discovered my real identity and location so he sent over one of his thugs to take care of me but i was ready for him. he was clever and wore a special shirt designed to block the affects of my lasso but he wasn't prepared for me using it around his cock and balls! no man can resist and i always get what i want…a huge load of cum to swallow! click HERE to watch wonder woman gobble the goo!

Chica in 'Cock Worship'

Chica - Cock Worship

Cocks are a source of great pleasure and should be worshipped. i love the feeling of having a horny cock in my hands and making it grow inch by inch until it's throbbing and oozing pre-cum. The most exciting part for me is watching the head swell as it's getting ready to release that delicious cock juice.

Chica in 'Cum Fed'

Chica - Cum Fed

Some girls are “corn fed” but i like to think of myself as “cum fed”…lol. I can't keep my mouth off dave's cock but after sucking him for a few minutes my pussy started tingling and i wanted to finger it sooo bad. to turn him on even more, i asked him to stroke his cock in front of me while i masturbated on my knees. both of us were on the edge of orgasm waiting for the other one…the anticipation was electric. as soon as i could tell he was close that made me start to cum and that's when he unloaded in my moaning mouth. another yummy feeding!

Chica in 'Naughty Guest'

Chica - Naughty Guest

I was being a very naughty house guest today while visiting a friend. i was really horny and knew i didn't have alot of time to play before she would be coming home so i had to get right down to business! A chase lounge has soooo many possibilities for sexual positions…i have to get one of these!

Chica in 'Throat Cum'

Chica - Throat Cum

I showed dave all the fun places he could put his cock and his first choice was my ass! he's been wanting to stick that fat cock in my tight little ass for a long time now so i know i have to give it to him soon. His second choice was my mouth, but this time he wanted me to hold my hands cupped in front of my lips to create a “mouth pussy”. i love the feel of a cock in my hands and mouth so this really got me going! i'm getting spoiled with all this cum he's been giving me…

Chica in 'Schoolgirl Swallow'

Chica - Schoolgirl Swallow

What do you do with a naughty schoolgirl who's misbehaving? well, you can start by making her masturbate with i vibrating pussy plug while you unload your cum in her naughty little mouth! if that doesn't work then maybe she needs a good spanking with a butt-plug up her tight virgin ass. click HERE to fill my naughty mouth.

Chica in 'Cum Pill Experiment'

Chica - Cum Pill Experiment

A few weeks ago i was contacted by a sales rep who found my site and knew how much i liked big cumshots. he asked me if i'd be interested in offering “cum volume increasing pills” in my member's area. i told him i would test them out on dave and if they worked i would let my members know. So each day for a week i slipped the pills into dave's vitamin mix and eagerly waited for him to build a nice big load for me and that's exactly what i got today! it's only been a week so i can't wait until he's been on them for a month! click HERE to find out what i gave him

Chica in 'Full Facial'

Chica - Full Facial

I was talking to a member the otherday about using a chastity device on dave's cock to keep him from cumming for a week and then finally removing it to allow him to release in my mouth. this got me curious about how much cum he could build up in that time so i asked him to go three days without shooting his load. after he fucked me doggy-style to orgasm, i jerked him off all over my face and this is what i got! i can't wait to see how much cum i can get out of his balls after a week! click HERE to see his full balls unload on my face!

Chica in 'Booty Shorts Swallow'

Chica - Booty Shorts Swallow

There aren't too many panties that make a booty look better than a pair of sexy “booty shorts”. i bought some cute plain ones the otherday along with these lacey ones so you'll have to let me know if you like them. also, let me know if you like the booty view while i'm sucking dave's cock. my pussy contracts when i have a cock in my mouth and i got my panties really wet this time. click HERE to watch the cum go down my throat.

Chica in 'Cowgirl Creampie'

Chica - Cowgirl Creampie

One of my long time members has been asking for this one alot lately so here you go sweetie! i love getting special requests like this because i know how personal it is to the person. it's my pleasure…literally! lol. I think this is the first “reverse” cowgirl creampie we did on camera so i hope you guys like it. if you know me, you know how much i like to hump and nothing gets me off faster than riding dave's thick cock. i got so horny today that i came twice, once riding cowgirl and once riding reverse cowgirl. i humped the cum right out of his balls! click HERE to watch the full video.

Chica in 'Cock and Rock'

Chica - Cock and Rock

I started my day off by dry humping dave's cock through my panties right after we woke up. dave wanted to cum so bad but i wanted him to save it for this video. i know how much you guys like seeing me eat a big load! riding my monkey rocker is great but sucking on a big cock at the same time is amazing!!! i rode it again a few hours later but it was in private, hope you don't mind. click HERE to watch me get it from both ends!

Chica in 'Bet on the Cum'

Chica - Bet on the Cum

One of my long time members just sent me this new toy to play with and in the package he also sent some sex dice. this is a great idea to get things going and i'll still in gambling mode from our vegas trip…i can always bet on the cum and it was a win-win today! i had a great orgasm with my new vibrating dildo and then i sucked dave's thick cock until he gave me a nice treat! you guys know what girls want :) click HERE to watch me swallow.