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Charley Green in 'A Girl Named Charley Green'

Charley Green - A Girl Named Charley Green

There are many guys who could learn a lesson from a girl like Charley Green. The lesson is, think big and think ahead. You see, like so many girls we've come across, Charley was a late developer.

Charley Green in 'Britain's Got Talent'

Charley Green - Britain's Got Talent

Yoga is good for the body. Just look at bubbly and friendly Charley Green. Yoga has been very good to Charley. It keeps her nice and supple. Her bod is flawless. Modeling has been good to Charley. She's been able to travel the world and visit places that most girls can only dream of touring. It may sound like a Hollywood movie script but it's true. "This lady is super pretty in every respect. Her DVD with Leanne Crow is outstanding and the yoga work is hot, like Chloe Vevrier in the Key Largo DVD," writes Winter.