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Cameron Skye in 'Shaved and Sexed'

Cameron Skye - Shaved and Sexed

Cameron Skye is back in a new video and pictorial with pro-cock and, in an unusual move, Cameron's thick bush is shaved off with a razor and cream before they do the bump and hump, leaving the Voluptuous hottie-next-door with a smooth pussy for him to enjoy. We spoke to Cameron about "Shaved & Sexed." The conversation continues on the video page. What do you like about having sex on video? Cameron: I love being the center of attention. I love knowing that what I am filming is going to be watched by thousands of people. But more than anything, it is so erotic to know that what I am doing is so socially taboo, and the chance that a friend from Bible school would see me doing porn is so sexy to me because it is something that no one would ever expect me to do. Do you watch your own videos, either by yourself or with your partner? Cameron: Yes. I watch all my videos! I watch them with my hubby who is a huge SCORE fan. I also watch them alone because it is such a turn-on. I usually watch them the day they come out by myself and relive my performance. Then, my husband and I watch them together a lot of times.

Cameron Skye in 'Game To Fuck'

Cameron Skye - Game To Fuck

This is an epic big tit fuck with one of the most-popular girls to score at SCORELAND, hot and sexy woman-next-door Cameron Skye! It's game day and Cameron should be eating sandwiches and drinking beer while she sits on the couch and roots for her team. Instead of watching the big game on TV, Cameron's being tackled in the living room and pinned to the couch by a hard sausage man. It's always a treat to have Cameron visit because we know she enjoys being here so much. "Most people I know would be really surprised to see me here," says Cameron. "But that is part of the thrill of coming here. I get to put aside what I do in real life and live a fantasy. My hubby is going to love this. We'll watch it together." Cameron is a Voluptuous wifey. She's playing out her dreams and contributing to the wet dream storage bank for countless guys watching her get piledriven. She's already a walking wet dream poured into a tank top and tight shorts.

Cameron Skye in 'Oiled Boobs and A Fire Crotch'

Cameron Skye - Oiled Boobs and A Fire Crotch

The merits of breast massaging, oiling and creaming can't be praised enough. The merits of Cameron Skye can't be praised enough either. She is a sexy and exciting V-Girl with a woman-next-door personality. Everyone should have a next-door neighbor like Cameron. Especially if she will oil her boobs like Cameron does here. Wow. Cameron came to SCORELAND the first time with a smooth v-spot between her legs. The studio asked her if she would not shave for her next visit so Cameron chucked the razors, waxes and other feminine depilatories. This was done after reading the requests from the hair club for men who support bush. So now Cameron is back with what she calls her fire crotch, a thick curly ginger muff that took almost three months to cultivate.

Cameron Skye in 'Rookie Nookie'

Cameron Skye - Rookie Nookie

Cameron Skye is back at The SCORE Group, her curvy, naturally big-boobed body encased in a tight red dress. Cameron is here to go all out and try her first XXX boy-girl scene. It's rookie nookie time for this Voluptuous hottie who looks like your neighbor. That sexy blonde down the block. That lady you work with at the office. The video starts off with Cameron getting ready in the models' dressing room. Cheerful and smiling, Cameron has a sunny disposition and a happy glow. She's eager to suck and fuck Tony's horn. The last time she was here, Cameron showed her spirited Tits & Tugs skills, tit-massaging and yanking Tony's crank until she busted his nut over her natural hangers. Half a year later, Cameron's back and ready to go for the full SCORELAND pole slide for the very first time on-camera and the beautiful blonde is giving you full honors in being the first to receive her favors.

Cameron Skye in 'Tits and Tugs'

Cameron Skye - Tits and Tugs

C'mon. Touch the Skye. Cameron Skye. A newcomer who's earned such props as "SCORE hit a home run with this girl," and "Lovely girl! Please bring us more." Just debuted, Cameron is on the fence about an all-in boy-girl date. A hand-job and tit-job, she's good to go. And away we go with Cameron Skye's first Tits & Tugs, shot in it's-your-Johnson P.O.V. Cameron is a photographer and she's excited. "Hey, I just got my new lens. I just want to take some pictures. Are you gonna let me take some pictures? Let me take some pictures of you.