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Camelia Davis in 'Sweating To The Boobies'

Camelia Davis - Sweating To The Boobies

Voluptuous editor Maria once said of Camelia Davis, "Ladies like Camelia are special because not only can you have a great chat with her but you know if you had the chance to spend five minutes with her in private, she could probably fuck you senseless and then pat you on the back and send you on your way."

Camelia Davis in 'She's Got The Look That Says, I Wanna Fuck!'

Camelia Davis - She's Got The Look That Says, I Wanna Fuck!

Among the many great things about Camelia Davis, one of the best is that she always has a look in her eyes like, "I want to fuck you." When I first met her in 2009 (I interviewed her and Michelle May at the same time; it remains one of my favorite interviews), I stupidly and mistakenly interpreted that look as meant for me before I realized that it's just her natural look. Men, women, editors, non-editors, studio stylists, photographers, studs, the pizza delivery man...Camelia always has that look, that way about her, that says, "I want to fuck you."