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Bella French in 'Bella Is The Pussy Bomb'

Bella French - Bella Is The Pussy Bomb

"I just think big boobs are so hot," says Bella French, our beautiful Québécoise pussycat from Montreal who always gets stared at when she leaves her place unless she's bundled-up and hooded. But when Bella wears a dress like she's wearing in this scene, then all bets are off. "People where I'm from in Montreal aren't very open-minded," says Bella, a surprising statement. Don't they love big-busted beauties there like Miamians love the booty? "The girls will judge a lot. And even in strip clubs, I won't meet girls who have boobs like mine, so the attention is pretty intense." Bella was a fashion designer and women's clothing store owner until financial calamity struck and she decided to move into strip dancing and then modeling. "I've always looked at girls with huge boobs and been like, 'Wow, that's so beautiful.' And I'm tiny, but my hips are a little bit bigger and I felt like big tits would give me the perfect hourglass shape." "Perfect" is the word. .

Bella French in 'I Love Big Toys'

Bella French - I Love Big Toys

A beautiful, sleek Québécoise from Montreal, who's dripping with sex appeal, Bella French (Holiday '13 SCORE) may look delicate but don't let appearances deceive you. Bella can kick butt. She works out almost every day and practices boxing and other martial arts several days a week. Bella has a talent for spreading her pussy lips perfectly. She opens really wide and knows the art of spreading so you can see everything her gorgeous pink snatch has to offer. Photo 49 is a perfect example. So is photo 74. Even when she fucks her pussy with a big Doc Johnson cock, there's still lots of pink around it as seen in photo 67. Bella is a girl who knows how to choose and wear the hottest clothing, a talent shared by Vanessa Montagne. She looks naked even with her clothes on.

Bella French in 'The Hot Shower'

Bella French - The Hot Shower

Québécoise Bella French gets wet and cums clean. The French-Canadian beauty gets her sexy lingerie off and then gets her cookies off in the shower while you watch. The Holiday '13 SCORE covergirl has a 40-24-38 body that will not quit. Stacked, beautiful and super-slim, Bella doesn't miss a day of some kind of fitness training. She runs, lifts weights, you name it. "I'm a crazy fan of sports," says Bella. "I do boxing classes two times per week. I go to the gym at least five times per week, and I love to run. I don't even own a TV! I'm all about reading, going on the Internet. I think TV is like a waste of time." Who needs TV when you've got Bella finger-banging herself in a shower? .

Bella French in 'Get Frenched'

Bella French - Get Frenched

One of our staffers saw Bella French on the Net, emailed her the link and invited her to check it out. She's a Canadian, born and raised in Montreal and her super-slim, stacked body and beautiful face compelled him to make the attempt at contact for SCORE. Bella's first language is French. Her command of English is excellent. "I'm from Montreal and there's two parts to it," Bella explained. "There is the east side, which is mostly French, and the west side that is mostly English. I was born on the west side, so even though we would speak French at home and I went to French schools, all my friends would speak English. I would always watch TV in English, and my friends and I would speak in English, but I never went to English schools." Bella has a bachelor's degree in business and she's a certified fashion designer. How did she become a hot model? "I opened my first clothing store. I realized there was some stuff I was missing business-wise, so I went to business school.