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Bebe Cooper in 'Milk-Filled Tits'

Bebe Cooper - Milk-Filled Tits

"I'm a bit of an exhibitionist," says Bebe Cooper, former lingerie store clerk. A former lingerie store clerk? Fantasies can come true. "But I usually don't express it." However, in the rare appearances that Bebe makes at SCORELAND, she does express it very, very well! We welcome her back with another milk-engorged breast and nipple show. Lactation and masturbation, an event many have patiently waited for until Bebe returned. "I like the attention I get. Getting hit on always makes a girl feel good. I like wearing thin shirts to show off. My favorite shirt is so thin and tight it's practically see-through. I always wear a bra, When I get home, the bra comes off." What does Bebe like in bed? "Having my clit played with slow and steady. I love doggie style and, when I'm feeling dominant, reverse cowgirl.

Bebe Cooper in 'Milky Bebe Is Back'

Bebe Cooper - Milky Bebe Is Back

Has it been four years since hot redhead Bebe Cooper revealed her gorgeous body? Her body, with the ivory skin tone of a statue of a goddess, is just as shapely and as sexy as it was when she first visited SCORELAND and met Kaytee Carter. Beautiful Bebe hasn't changed a bit except for her big boobs being one inch bigger now at 41 inches. Bebe's lactating powers haven't changed. Her powers might even be stronger since she can fill a wine glass with her mammary milk and we have the proof in the pictures and video. Watching her milk her tits and seeing the creamy white liquid jet into the glass is a spectacular sight. How many would like their faces sprayed like that? For those of you who are new and don't know Bebe (shocking), the redhead from Missouri was the covergirl of August 2010 V-mag and immediately raised a ruckus when she debuted on the SCORELAND Blog on November 4th and 6th, 2009 in two videos. Bebe's first set and video at SCORELAND, in which she milked her tits in front of a sheet of glass, generated a huge number of comments. Welcome back, Bebe! Great to have you in the hallowed hall of hooters again.

Bebe Cooper in 'Milky Delights'

Bebe Cooper - Milky Delights

When I saw the name Bebe Cooper on the studio calendar, I thought it was a model who had adopted the name of a women's clothing company. But it meant something completely different, as I was to find out.